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In honor of earth week, thrift shopping is one of the ways to help the environment. Thrifting has always been a way for me to avoid shopping at fast-fashion companies and to live sustainably with the outfits I wear. Not only does choosing to thrift reduce my carbon footprint, but each piece I find is unique compared to the trendy pieces I see in retail. Not to mention, it’s also affordable! Here are some of my tips on thrifting to spice up your wardrobe! 


Be patient 

I know how difficult it can be when trying to find specific pieces you have in mind, but trust me, allowing yourself to thrift for at least an hour and a half to two hours will give you a decent amount of time to browse every single rack. Make sure you’re in the right mindset to thrift! 


Keep an open mind 

If you’re only set with looking for specific pieces, this can make your thrifting experience a little tricky. It’s helpful to have something in mind, however, there are many pieces out there that you can potentially use even if you weren’t thinking of using that piece to begin with. Have an open mind and be creative with what you find. 

Look at every single rack

It’s important to look at every single rack throughout the thrift store as this gives you a wide variety of options to choose from. Find racks that appeal to you based on patterns, fabrics, and specific pieces you plan on looking for. For instance, I always find myself heading to the lingerie section to find corsets and slip dresses or the men’s section to look for any oversized flannels and graphic t-shirts.   


Create a Pinterest board

Creating a Pinterest board allows me to pin photos and posts of fashion bloggers, influencers, and other media creators with inspired outfits and fashion staples. This helps me plan out what I can find on my next thrifting day. 


Check fashion marketplaces and small businesses online 

Here’s an alternative option for those who aren’t comfortable thrifting during the time of a pandemic. Checking online marketplaces such as Depop and Mercari are perfect for finding thrift clothing from other sellers. I personally use Depop as this app creates style suggestions known as a “DNA” system which recommends certain items based on your search history and the items you've liked. But beware of scammers! Be sure to do your research and check the reviews on specific sellers before you consider buying from them! 


By choosing to thrift over buying pieces from fast fashion companies, it can take you one step closer to living a sustainable life. I hope these tips will give you the thrifting experience you deserve! 


Allysa Bojador is currently a first year student at the University of Washington, Bothell majoring in Media and Communications and a minor in Marketing. She was previously part of the Her Campus program back in high school and instantly fell in love with the Her Campus community. Allysa was really excited to find out that UWB had a club and knew she had to join right away! As a first generation Asian-American student, she is deeply passionate about diversity and inclusivity. During her free time, she enjoys spending her time playing the electric guitar, grabbing a bite to eat, and trying new boba shops around Washington!
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