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Staple Pieces To Have In Your Wardrobe For The School Year!

A Jacket that’s waterproof:

It’s going to start raining everyday soon, so a good weather-proof jacket is really worth the investment. I recommend brands such as the Northface or Nike. Both brands have lasted me a long time. These also can be easily found for cheaper in thrift/vintage shops as well as online or in their stores.


In the winter when it’s cold and wet, having cold feet is the worst. Wearing rain boots and/or boots with good socks is a great way to stay warm and avoid getting water in your shoes. Also boots with a sweater is a cute easy outfit so a pair of boots to match your personal style is key!


When the weather is nicer, boots can be too hot, so sneakers are a great alternative. They are super versatile too, so get a cute pair. You can wear them to the gym and between classes, as well as wear them with any day-to-day outfit for a cute “athleisure” look.


Hats can be great for many reasons. Some days I like to keep one in my bag just in case I get cold after class. Other days, I’ll wear a hat to cover up my hair while keeping me warm. They’re also a great way to protect your hair when it’s raining. I like to have a few different types of hat depending on my mood and the occasion.

A good bag/backpack:

A good bag goes a long way. I use to get a new bag or backpack every year but my senior year of highschool I took more time to pick out and invest in a better quality bag. Although it was more expensive it still looks brand new even though I’ve used it every day for the past two years and I plan to use it this upcoming school year.


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