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Prada- Fall and Winter Women’s Wear Collection 2019

The Devil is taking a break from Prada and passed off the torch to Mary Shelley’s most popular monster and his wife. 

The undead duo serves as the inspiration for Prada this upcoming chilly seasons. The runway features capes, combat boots with unique sole placements, colorful flowers and lots of black. The entire fashion line sends a vibe of similar to Wednesday from the Addams family.

Clothes are compiled together with an assortment of fabric which feeds off of Frankenstein’s monster’s appeal. Large, blocky striped sleeves are attached to pink lace. The monster’s bride shares a profile on a simple black background. The colorful lightning bolts bring Shelley’s story to couture. Black lace shows the model’s legs adding a sex appeal that was unexpected like the romance and longing the monster yearned for. 

In a dark army green full-body coat, we can assume this is going to be the color for the season. Extremely large pockets are attached to the coat which is always a plus for the wearer. Paired with leggings of the same color the monotone look truly draws the eye and forces you to notice the red stripe. The pink lace outfit along with this shiny green fit sport black clips above the breasts. My assumption is that rule breakers with these outfits will leave their homes unclipped and poppin’. 


A dark grey is flooding the look as well with its chevron pattern. Typically seen associated with business attire Prada has paired it with a red silk rose that loosely drapes over the model’s biceps. A twisted up rose pulls one back into the fantasy created by Shelley. As if the outfit is saying business and romance I have been created for both.

The Prada Fall/Winter line plays with a dark romance from two monsters. Their images are blasted on fabric and present a colorful interpretation Elsa Lanchester and Boris Karloff. The clothing is symbiotic with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein bringing the undead back to life in fashion.

Hello wonderful readers! I aspire to take my creative writing degree as far as I can in the fashion industry. Designing clothes to editing magazines I want to dip my toe into it all! I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I did making them.
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