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My Top 5 Halloween Movies

Hello everyone! Knowing that Halloween is just around the corner, I’ve decided to share with you my top five current favorite Halloween movies that are perfect for the spooky season.

The following movies are perfect for you and your family to watch if you don’t prefer the typical horror movies, and take you back to your childhood.


1. Halloweentown

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Love movies about witches? Then this one is definitely for you! As it take you on a journey with the Piper family as the three siblings: Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie discover their powers and enter the world of Halloweentown.


2. The Nightmare Before Christmas 

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Remember this one? This one is one of my favorites as Jack Skellington is a very interesting character along with many other crazy characters in the film, are all what makes it to be a classic movie to watch during the Halloween season.


3. Casper

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As everyone knows Casper is the most friendly ghost you will ever see as he makes you fall in love with him immediately when watching this movie. Even if you’re not a fan of ghost movies, I can promise you that this one for a fact will become one of your favorites and won’t frighten you.


4. The Addams Family

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This movie will forever be a classic, and with knowing that the remake of this film as an animated version is coming soon, I figured it would be nice to revisit the original film that started it all! I love this film for the reason that it has the right amount of humor as the characters all have very distinct personalities that make you more intrigued when watching. 


5. Twitches

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Coming in at number five, is my all time favorite film Twitches! (and Twitches 2), as this film tells the story of two twin sisters that were separated at birth that end up reuniting and finding out about their hidden powers!

Eunkyong Oh attends the University of Washington, Bothell. She is majoring in Media and Communication studies and hopes to also graduate with a Business major. She enjoys writing, taking photos, and editing videos as those are skills she will need to continue with her studies, and find future opportunities in her field. Through journalism she hopes to be able to share stories and bring attention to certain issues that aren't being addressed.
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