My take on the N.Y.C. Her Campus empowerment event



NYC. The big apple. The fashion capital of America. The location of Vogue; the only bible I read. Through years of film and music I have filled my brain with grand expectations: supermodels everywhere, people oozing of fashion, subways filled with trash, rats everywhere, and sunny everyday. After living most of my life in California I should have known that the places people dream about never match reality. In other words, my imagination got the best of me and psyched me out because when we landed it didn’t hit me that we were in this famous land until the second night. 

SPOILER ALERT ANYONE THAT HASN’T BEEN TO NYC!!! It is a normal city, a popular city nonetheless, that includes people doing mundane things. All of my myths were debunked! Didn’t see a rat and not that much trash in the subway. And what was most shocking was that I rarely saw a recycling bin. 

Jumping back to the point of the trip- the Her Campus empowerment conference with highlights to watch out for: street fashion and Vogue. 


The empowerment conference was incredible and Michelle Carter, @shotdiva, stole the show. Carter’s speech was captivating and awe-inspiring as she declared her insecurities and shared what skills she acquired to overcome those vulnerabilities. She hit home when she spoke about body image issues and saying negative things about yourself. When I was listening to her a flush of memories filled my mind: remembering my brother’s advice, my mother’s constant words of encouragement, my father’s wisdom, and my little sister’s unconditional love. Carter, like my family, said to remove toxic people from my life, something I accomplished earlier this year, but had to undergo again this week. I loved Carter’s entire speech though my favorite part was her saying that her own self-cleansing process wasn’t over: she had to remove toxic people again and constantly has to state positive aspects of herself. Most importantly she said that she will have to do this again and again and again because these problems do not go away overnight. Michelle Carter’s speech helped remind me of how empowered my family makes me and how I can make myself by using the tools my family and Carter taught me. 


Before the trip I was nervous I would get trampled as Washingtonians often bump into me. Thankfully, my expectation of walking amongst rude supermodels was non-existent. However I did notice some great street fashion; a few individuals sporting incredibly unique looks. A man played with different shades of green. A woman adorned herself with bright colors and patterns on a teddie and coat. A young woman pulling off a beautiful grunge look while another young lady wore a floral ensemble with a diamond necklace on her ankle. I was inspired by their choices and validated because I was not alone in the overdressed group.  The grand finale. The dream of dreams. The light at the end of the tunnel. My heart’s desire. My birthday wish (I hope this still becomes true). What I have wanted more than anything else in my life. Vogue. V.O.G.U.E. Bryanna Bui @bryanna_buiii took such beautiful pictures of me getting closer to my goal. She captured the moment where I finally felt that this desire is achievable. Even though I couldn’t take a tour of the office I was so close, closer than I have ever been to the place I have fantasized about. I don’t wish to end my journey at Vogue, I want to start it there because I know I will be there again, working there, leading the magazine. 

The conference, fashion and even Vogue wouldn’t have felt significant without the Her Campus UWB team. I have never been surrounded by such positive, kind, loving, open, young women before. If you have EVER been in a group of girls and traveled, then you would know why this is so unexpected. Without Bryanna Bui @bryanna_buiii and Sanjevni Prasad @samanthalreilly’s talent, we wouldn’t have stunning pictures and videos. Without Gloria Gonzales-Zapata @g3tz_divine and Prathyusha Pillari @pratpill’s directions, I would have been incredibly lost. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to experience NYC for the first time with these young women because without all of them I do not think the visit would have been as eventful and cherishing. Thank you, ladies and UWB!