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As we welcome the year 2021, we hope to leave 2020 behind us and desperately try to forget it. 2020 has not been kind to anyone. As we still struggle through a global pandemic, I’m hopeful and glad that 2020 is over. We can look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel we are currently in. I want things to go back to normal or at least the way they used to be. I don’t even know what normal is anymore. Is going out with friends and socialising considered as normal? Or is staying at home trying to be safe and keeping others safe normal? 

We have been struggling through this for more than a year now and however much we may want to forget the horrifying events that disrupted our daily lives, let’s not. As we move on, let’s keep it in our minds so that we can learn from it and live better as human beings. Let’s remember 2020 in a good way.


1. Our daily lives are temporary

Going out and socialising was the most normal thing anyone could do and no one ever thought that it could be taken away from us. As an introvert myself, I have always wanted to stay in where I can read a book or watch a movie rather than going out and socialising. But now, I have realized the importance of it all. I miss socialising with people and creating new friends. Going to work/school or hanging out with friends/family is no more normal. These are the few moments of life that we took for granted. It was something we never appreciated. Our entire lives have changed in the speck of a couple months and it’s still the same. 2020 has shown me how temporary my daily life is. Let’s not take it for granted and enjoy each moment to its fullest.


2. We need to display unity & kindness to each other

Being together and supporting each other is more important than you think. Even though we are all isolated and away from each other, the only way to fight through this is if we all follow the rules and restrictions. If we do our part in this pandemic, we can help keep ourselves safe and healthy as well as others. This pandemic has resulted in higher unemployment rates than ever. Many people lost their jobs, their homes, their friends or family. Everyone deserves support and kindness. Even a small act of kindness goes a long way for one person. Let’s learn to be more kind and more understanding towards others.


3. Self-love

As we stay indoors for a longer time, our mental health is affected. People are scared or depressed about everything that is happening and the only person who can save us is ourselves. We don’t give ourselves the love and care we deserve. We remember to show our loved ones care and in the midst of caring for others, we forget about ourselves. If we give all our love to others, how will we have any left for ourselves? As I am forced to be by myself in these strange times, I realize how important it is to care for myself. Just as your loved ones are important to you, YOU are important too. Spend time with yourself throughout the day and do something that brings you joy. It can be reading, watching a movie, painting, writing or just sitting by a window drinking tea. This pandemic has shown me the true meaning of taking care of myself. Caring for oneself shouldn’t be a choice rather, a priority.


Our lives are temporary and nature has the power to change them whenever it wishes. Let’s all be grateful and appreciate each and every moment of our lives because we don’t know which moment would be our last. Let’s be caring and loving towards others and our home, earth and remember that we are only its guests. 

Sanika Nalgirkar

Washington '21

Sanika Nalgirkar is a student in the MFA program in Creative Writing & Poetics at the University of Washington, Bothell. Along with being part of the HerCampus team, she is also an editor at Clamor. She enjoys writing prose, poetry and articles. Writing helps her express herself completely. Her favorite activity is sipping a cup of tea while reading a book on a rainy day.