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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWB chapter.

2017 was not an ordinary year. It had its ups and downs, yet, something incredible happened in 2017. Saudi Arabia, which is known for its strict Muslim rules not allowing women to live as they want to, finally agreed to let women drive! It definitely was a great step in the right direction for the country.

It was not easy to make this happen, but Saudi Arabia’s women came all together and fought for their rights. Once more I realised how powerful women are if they are united and determined.


Prathyusha Pillari is a 19-year-old senior at University of Washington, Bothell where she majors in Computer Science and Software Engineering. She was born in India and spent 14 years of her life there before moving to the United States. She is an advocate of women's rights and equality. She loves creative writing, traveling, driving around in her car and stalking people on Instagram.