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How To Throw The Best Halloween Party!

Have fun activities for your guests! There are a bunch of different things you and your friends could do for your Halloween party. Some easy and cheap ways to have fun are: 

Carving Pumpkins

Having a Costume Contest (With a candy prize!!)

Making Monster Masks

These are just some things I’m doing at my Halloween party. If these amazing ones don’t interest you, just look to Pinterest! 

Make Halloween themed food!

Nothing gets people in the spirit for this holiday like cute skeleton cookies or “poison” punch.

Get creative with decorations!

Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s crazy expensive, I can’t get one of those huge blow up lawn ghosts or ghouls. Here are some quick and easy ways to decorate your home for Halloween on a budget.

Create cute party favors! 

Everyone knows the best thing about parties is the free stuff you get at them, and the people I guess (it’s just the free stuff). Here are some ways to spice up your party favors for Halloween! 

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