Her Conference 2018!

My Her Conference experience was amazing to say the least. I was able to attend so many workshops held by powerful and independent women in the entertainment and journalism industries. One workshop that particularly stood out to me was the “how to brand yourself” workshop. I was very confused about how to keep some sort of correlation between all the articles I write for the her Campus site. This workshop really helped me hone in on ideas and topics I preferred.

The most interesting thing I learned was that it was not just about the topic of which I was discussing. It was the perspective I would bring to it and the way in which it was discussed in my articles. Without this insight I wouldn't be able to write my articles the way I do now where there is a general theme where my own style of writing comes out. Going to Her Conference really opened me up for improvement. The city of New York also gives that sort of feeling. That need to be better. So I couldn't have asked for a better venue and experience. While we were at the conference we were also better able to connect with our fellow her Campus community nationwide! It’s very fun to go to these types of conferences especially when you’re part of something bigger because often times you don’t get to see this bigger group and feel isolated.

After going to Her Conference I felt that I had connections all over the nation. It’s powerful to bring people who care about and put effort into the same things. We can relate on a level many people cannot. And for a lot of us her Campus is what brought us together, made us make these new friends, new experiences, learn new skills, and push each other out of our comfort zone. Without attending Her Conference I would not be best connected with my her Campus community or learned the important writing skills I would need to perform as a her Campus writer.

Thank you to the UWB Club Council and SAEF funding for providing us with the opportunity to grow and experience new things!