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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWB chapter.

Our first cute moment comes from the classic, “Spirited Away”. The way Haku continues to protect Chihiro the whole movie is super adorable.   



Our aesthetic little Kiki who features on almost every lo-fi playlist contemplates her dreams of becoming a witch. 


Ghibli’s favorite badass woman, Princess Mononoke always shows how captivated she is by nature


The iron giants from “Castle in the Sky” are super intimidating in the beginning of the movie, but as soon as they “reach out” to Sheeta and Pazu, they learn they’re completely harmless.


Totoro doesn’t realize how large he is when he’s having a grand time at the bus stop and Mei and Satsuki can’t handle his excitement.


This is one of my personal favorites, Howl and Sophie go through so many transformations throughout the film, but this peaceful moment at the end has to be the cutest part of the film.


Last but not least, in “Whisper of the Heart” Shizuku and Seiji have the most unique bond I’ve seen in any romantic movie. They constantly chase their own dreams while caring for each other, and this moment when Seiji is about to leave the country is my favorite cute moment between the two. 

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