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Creative Halloween Costumes For Everyone!

Hello Her Campus UWB! This year’s Halloween is about to be epic. From new DIY trends, to endless duo costumes and memes… this year’s Halloween is about being super creative with your costume style. Here are some trendy styles, sure to make your 2017 costume awesome :)! For the ultimate Netflix and Chill duos, DIY’s have never been so easy. This costume is so popular this year, and you can find endless Youtube videos on how to recreate it! Now just choose who’s more “Netflix” and who’s more “Chill”.


Let’s not forget about this year’s unicorn OBSESSION! For all of you that love playing around with makeup (and especially unicorn themed makeup palettes) here’s a makeup look for Halloween 2017 that is magical enough to spark inspiration for your unicorn costume!

This meme costume is a perfect way to throw some salt on all the haters at the Halloween party this year. “Salt Bae” is a great costume for those meme lovers, that enjoy simple and cheap ways to celebrate. Just grab a white T-shirt, black pants and shades, and of course some salt! (Extra points if you have goatee) :)

If you’re looking for that awesome couples’ costume, look no further. These couples’ classic are an awesome way to go if you and your partner are feeling a little bit “extra” this year :):

First up, we have Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler from the Big Bang Theory. This is perfect for those of you that have some awesome late 2000’s clothes that you’re “almost” ready to get rid of.

Next up, an elementary school classic for the cutest couples’ ensemble. Curious George, and The Man in the Yellow Hat are just the cutest costumes for you and your little monkey :).

Lastly, for the most extra couples’, you can never go wrong with dressing up as Harley Quinn and Joker. These costumes are sure to get points at any costume contest for their detail and exquisite. This is for those of you that put a lot of effort in putting together costumes, and it’s also a great way to bond as a couple!

Finally, another trend this year has been group DIY costumes! This is an amazing way activity to do with friends, or any group you can think of. Whether you dress up as yummy M&M’s or a delicious fruit basket full of fruits, you will all look awesome for the Instagram group pictures and maybe even make it onto someone’s Facebook cover photo!


Now go rock the halls of our college campus, parties, and the streets of Bothell with these cool and trend-friendly costume ideas! Whatever you guys end up choosing to wear this Halloween, you’ll contribute to its “lit”-ness!


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