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A Weekend in Ballard Seattle Neighborhood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWB chapter.

Here’s a list of places to check out next time you’re in Ballard :)

Sonic Boom Records
Seattle’s classic record store for buying indie. Fremont was the first location for Sonic Boom Records. According to their site, Jason Hughes and Nabil Ayers rented a retail place in Fremont in 1997. The store has really nice atmosphere with good vinyl and CD selections. Sonic Boom Records is a place I will definitely stop by when I visit Ballard on weekends.

Gold Dogs
The hippest, most country western-style clothing store I’ve ever been to. I love their Rock n Roll and classic American style and love to see they have a wide range of vintage cowboy boots, sorted by size. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. Highly recommend adding this store to your standard shopping trip.

​​National Nordic Museum
The National Nordic Museum uses five national exhibitions in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden as spaces, from the early Nordic anthropological records and history to the modern Nordic society as the core value of this museum. In addition to the five ethnic exhibitions, there is also an exhibit featuring the “Dream of America” with Nordic immigration as its theme. In last year’s “M(other) Tongues: Bodhild and Las Hermanas Iglesias” exhibition, I discovered that the exhibitors’  parents are from Norway and the Dominican Republic, so they grew up with conflicting cultural traditions. The exhibitors grew up experiencing the intersection and parallel values of different cultures, which gave them a multicultural education and unique memories. What I liked about this exhibition was that their exhibits were based on references to their parents’ cultural heritage, and the exploration of heritage and identity was important in this exhibition.

Lucky Dry Goods
Lucky Dry Goods sells vintage clothing. They buy vintage clothes from people. Note: clothes need to be more than 20 years old to be considered vintage. The storefront of Lucky Dry Goods uses large floor-to-ceiling windows as a place to display their vintage clothes. Also, there are fitting rooms for customers to try on clothes. You can find a bunch of vintage Levi’s jeans and vintage check dresses there. I bought a purple vintage dress that was in very good condition, without tears or stains.

Miro Tea
Miro Tea has a cozy vibe and free wifi. The store is located in a place that brings the sun indoors, making it so comfortable to meet with friends or read a book there. Brown and white are used as the main color in the store. Tables and chairs are designed in light brown wood. The music in the store makes you feel calm, and the staffs are professional and friendly. They not only serve drinks, but also desserts like donuts, cookies, and cakes. I recommend their London Fog. It is made with earl grey, vanilla, and steamed milk. The strong aroma of earl grey tea with a hint of vanilla and milk is so great.

Annie is majoring in Environmental Studies and Society, Ethics & Human Behavior at the University of Washington, Bothell. She is passionate about environmental justice, political science, anthropology, and postcolonialism. During her free time, she enjoys watching movies, getting lost in a book, and visiting museums.