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5 Reasons to Apply to UWB Gender, Culture & Human Study Abroad

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWB chapter.

If you’re passionate about Gender inequality, examining the caste system, gender laws, power structure, sexual oppression and more than you should consider this study abroad!

Rights in India study abroad program

The professors are amazing

For me Professor Alka Kurian and Professor Camille Walsh are great examples of how professors should be and most importantly how they should be when studying abroad. They make sure to check up on every student throughout the trip and actually try to get to know the student. Along with that they have a lot of insight with the culture,caste system, history,law of India. They try to make sure that you understand the curriculum and push you to think critically about issues and topics.

Perfect for activist or passions for HR

This program is around all different kinds of inequalities and injustices. Instead of learning about it in a classroom, you will be fully immersed this will help you understand the different conditions going on in India even more. You will have the opportunity to meet other activist and see what people are doing to combat patriarchy and to decolonize india.

Visiting organizations

You will have the opportunity to visit universities and grass root organizations. The grass root organizations were my favorite part personally because you get to see how people are trying to combat injustices in india

Minimal time commitment

With this program you will only have to meet a few times and the program is only 2 weeks abroad. While other programs may have you meet every week or more than one day a week and are a month long or a whole quarter abroad.


Honestly for me i never thought in a million years that I would be going to india because it is so far away and I didnt know much about the culture,language, customs etc but this program allows you to be a student, visitor, and a activist. You will also be given the opportunity to experience Holi and see historical sights like the Taj Mahal.

To learn more or apply go to: https://www.uwb.edu/globalinitiatives/abroad/featured/india-springbreak

Gloria Gonzalez-Zapata is born and raised in Seattle,Washington. Currently she is a first year student at University of Washington Bothell and is majoring in Law,Economics, and Public policy with a minor in Arabic Both of her parents are immigrants, her mother is from Panama and her father is Mexican. she also has a brother and three younger sisters. Her favorite activities are spending time with her family, volunteering, working, and especially loves to travel to learn about other countries government, culture, and language.