5 Low-key Cool Streetwear Brands

Hey, wanna look cool without copying everyone else’s style? Here are five underrated streetwear brands!

Barbell Brigade

Okay so I’m super biased here, because I watch their channel and their personal channels, but Barbell Brigade is the best streetwear brand. By purchasing their stuff you’re buying into the idea of working hard for what you want, and staying humble when you reach your goals with their



This company is more japanese based, with slight anime references in their clothing. Overall it’s minimalistic, stylish, and sleek. Although it’s new, it shows good potential.



Although the shirt designs may look odd to some, that uniqueness and slight weirdness give this brand it’s signature. If this suits your taste, I think it could be really edgy or artsy. Note they haven’t dropped their line yet.



This is a company I have been following for a while. They choose 3 colors and build their lines based off of it. The last drop was blue, orange, and yellow. Below is an example of the blue tshirt, pants, and bra. Their IG is really satisfying and aesthetic if you’re digging the bold colors, check them out!



Another newer company for our last low key feature. Although all they have right now is a hoodie, the logo is promising and can be transformed if they work through it correctly. I would keep an eye out for more of their stuff in the future.