12 Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers - For Him

12 Days of Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers - For Him

In need of some last minute gift ideas? Here are 12 small stocking stuffer ideas for this snowy holiday!

We all know how hard it can be to come up with gifts for boys. They hardly ever tell you what presents they want and if they do, it’s something $50+ (i.e. NBA 2k, watches, shoes). So, to surprise your nonchalant guy, whether it’s a dad, boyfriend, best friend or brother, I promise, these gifts will have you covered.


1. Socks

You may not be able to afford a brand-new pair of shoes so get them the next best thing, socks! His choice of athletic socks, fuzzy socks, ankle socks, patterned-socks, or even no-show shocks. Hey, they’re not the new Jordans, but they’ll need them to accessorize and keep their toes warm for the cold winter season.

2. Beanies

What’s better than hats and beanies for your best guy? They’re stylish and warm from the winter brrrr and who doesn’t love a little hat hair!

3. Beard Products

If your man’s best friend is his beard, then get him beard products so he can nurture his facial needs. Beard products can include: beard oil, beard balm, beard combs, or if you really want to be festive, beard ornaments! Get him these beard necessities and it’ll leave his beard looking beautiful and super soft to touch for him and you.

4. Alcohol Accessories

Does your man like to drink? Get him some cool bottle necessities like a bottle opener, shot glass, beer mug, a custom bottle cap vase, or heck, just a gift basket of bottles.

5. Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are always easy stocking stuffers. You can give him a ringgg with some new bling with a custom case, camera lens attachments, screen protectors, popsockets, phone pocket or a portable charger.

6. Smoker Supplies

Whether they’re a smoker of weed or cigarettes,vape or juul, it’s always nice to get new and practical supplies like a cool ashtray or a personalized pack of lighters. You can design your own BIC lighter here. Also, consider getting them maybe a new vape juice, juul skin/decal, pipe, grinder, or a pack of wraps.

7. Underwear

Boxers, briefs, or both! You can either get them some Hanes or Calvin Kleins, or just funny, cute, patterned underwear.

8. Athletic & Sports Gear

If your man plays a sport, getting him some new game-day gear: knee pads, arm sleeves, compression pants and tights, swimsuit, or gloves. If he is athletic, get him new gym clothes and blender bottles. If your man is just a sports fan, get him a jersey or merchandise from his favorite sports team or player. If he’s all of the above, then take your pick!

9. Wallet

How many times have you seen your man pull out his raggedy old wallet??? Time for a new one! You can find some decent branded wallets, like Nike or Fossil, for cheap at stores like Ross, Marshalls, or Tj Maxx.

10. Utility Tools

You’d be surprised how handy these utilities knives come in handy and how much guys love having one around, especially a customized one!

11. Fandom Merchandise

If you know or can find out his favorite tv show, movie, book, band, character, etc., be his biggest fan, by making him the biggest fan with fandom shirtsaccessories, toys, and decorations.

12. Coupon for Some Quality Time

Finally, nothing beats just spending time with your loved ones, sharing a laugh, going to explore, or just a hug.

Remember to show your love to your loved ones this holiday and every day, whoever they may be.


Hope you have some new gifts ideas and Happy Holidays!