YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am addicted to watching Youtube videos. I will spend hours watching video after video, and love having one on in the background when I’m cleaning or getting ready in the morning. I watch mainly four categories: Fitness, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Beauty. So, I have picked out some of my favorite, smaller (under 300,000 subscribers) YouTubers in each category, and would love if you would check them out!

Fitness YouTubers:

  • Lynette Marie: The smallest YouTuber on this list, but one of my favorites. She focuses a lot on eating and vlogs her day including workouts. She also has two adorable cats that make appearances.
  • Jordan Cheyanne: Jordan gives a great, honest look into the struggles of trying to lose weight and isn’t afraid to show the ups and downs. She has an adorable son, and is big into showing budget friendly options for food, decor, and clothes.
  • Jazmine Garcia: Jazmine posts workouts, and has also done some videos focusing on mental health and beauty. Her workouts and Q&A videos are some of my favorite.

Beauty YouTubers:

  • DupeThat: The girls on this channel are the same ones behind the wildly successful Instagram of the same name, and have recently came to YouTube. They have lots of great reviews, plus their ever changing hair is gorgeous.
  • JKissaMakeup: My latest obsession in the makeup category. She does such unique colorful looks that are just beautiful and fun to watch.
  • ThriftThick: Cassie lives in Minnesota (so maybe I’m a little biased) and puts up lots of review videos. She keeps it real and honest and brings a feel of the average girl to the beauty side of YouTube.

Lifestyle YouTubers:

  • Marissa Lace: Marissa has some of my favorite vlogs, and she also started a campaign called Year of You after a rough breakup, which has led to many videos of self love and positivity. 
  • Grace F Victory: She is the self proclamined “Big Sister of YouTube” and her advice and lifestyle videos are funny and honest.
  • KeepingupwithKell: Kell’s channel follows her adventures as she moves to Tokyo, and has lots of fun vlogs up. She also has a separate beauty channel.

Fashion YouTubers:

  • The Fashion Citizen: Ok so this is the one channel that has more then 300,000 subscribers. But I love them. They are two twin sisters that live in Arizona and have such a unique style. They do thrift hauls and tons of look books. Bonus: I love their vlogs!
  • Rian Phin: I had a hard time putting her in a category, as Rian covers so many topics. She focuses on ethics in fashion, lookbooks, as well as some beauty videos.
  • Diet Blonde: This channel focuses on a fashion design student, and features several DIYS, lookbooks, and other great videos.