Your Samuel E Wood Application Process

As spring semester at UW Stout rolls on, the annual tradition of the Samuel E Wood process is here. The highest non-academic achievement a student at Stout can receive, and we'll be up to our eyeballs in paperwork applying for it. At least we're in it together, and can relate to the following experiences...

  1. 1. When You Get the Letter From SSA

    Lea Michele new years gif

    We're going from stress-free Winter break to the final lap in Mario Kart people!

  2. 2. Realizing You Have to Choose TWO People to Write Recommendation Letters

    Clueless gif

    It's like Sophie's Choice for mentors!

  3. 3. Getting in Contact With Your Mentors

    Are we on a first name basis? Is cordially yours too formal for a sign off? Please say nice things about me!

  4. 4. Sending in Your Resume and Involvement Experience in for Rec Letters

    Surprised Beyonce

    Yes it is I, the girl who lost track of her leadership experience.

  5. 5. Getting Your Letters Back

    billie eilish award gif

    Is it possible to overdose on Serotonin?

  6. 6. Looking Up How to Write a Cover Letter

    Cardi Okurrrr

    Is block style appropriate? Or should I do modified?

  7. 7. Writing Your Involvement Essays

    Chandler Long Day

    I am out of synonyms for leadership and service.

  8. 8. Getting Everything Submitted in Time

    Bobs Burger

    These last two weeks have nearly killed me!

Applications are open until March 6th at midnight! May the odds be ever in your favor y'all!