Work Life Hacks

You may have seen these before, think of them as common knowledge, but have you ever applied them to your work life? You would be amazed at how much your work life can change when you apply simple life hacks to your productivity in the work place! These Work Life Hacks were tested by yours truely to make sure that they really worked. I was forever changed when I applied these to my own work life!

Use Google Translate after typing up a summary. This goes for anything like professional emails, cover letters, and important summaries for your boss or manager. When you hear what you have typed back, you’ll be able to detect anything that might not sound that great or right. 

Infinity printer ink! Well, maybe you won’t have ink forever but you’ll make that cartridge last a little longer. Where at home or at work, if your computer or printer is saying you are low on ink, your devices are lying to you! Simply take the ink cartridge out, unfold a paper clip, and press the reset button on the circuit board of the cartridge. Here is a high quality production video on how to reset your ink cartridge!

Know what real people think of the company you’re about to start at! If you’re curious as to what it’s like to work where you are about to start, go to There you can read real reviews of past employees and their experiences working at that company. 

Never be bored at work again! The real trick to being bored at work is to stop multitasking! When you multitask, you get things done all in one shot and then having nothing else to do all day. If you do one task at a time, you’ll find that you will find that your work looks a lot better but you will also feel like you had been more productive that day.

Forever Email Organizer. Create specific folders for passwords, organizations, work related emails, and anything else going on in your crazy life. Every time you get an email, immediately put it in a folder for you to easily find later. Can’t remember if your boss sent out the weekend schedule? Look in your work folder in your email and you’ll have a breeze when you find it!

Never miss a lunch. Forgot your lunch at home again or you just didn’t have time to make one? Have I got the solution for you! If you work at a desk, have a little extra cash saved in a drawer or manila envelope. If you want to get real sneaky, put the cash in a used up chapstick case or wrap it in a pad. If you work at a restaurant, widely used office space, or any other job that doesn’t seem as secure, put the extra cash in something you bring with you everywhere. Put it behind your phone case, in that secret pocket of your purse or wallet, in your work shoes, or in a fake plant pot! You be creative, as long as it’s in a secure place or somewhere you’ll always have with you. This can be any kind of emergency money that is no more than $10.