Women of Country Power Anthems to Fire You Up Through Finals And Beyond

Women in Country are largely underappreciated in music, even when they're incredibly talented and amazing. Spend some time with these 10 fantastic ladies who have a lot to say. You definitely won't regret it. 

  1. 1. "GIRL" - Maren Morris

    Is anyone else going to inspire you to get it together like this? Morris is the QUEEN of motivational bops. 

    Other Hits: 80s Mercedes, My Church, The Middle, and The Bones. 

  2. 2. "Ladies In The '90s" - Lauren Alaina

    It's probably impossible to stay in a bad mood while listening to this one. But that could also describe listening to any of Alaina's backlog. She infuses so much energy into what she produces. 

    Other Hits: Getting Good, Doin' Fine, Next Boyfriend, and Road Less Traveled. 

  3. 3. "Miss Me More" - Kelsea Ballerini

    She is a killer when it comes to charting feel good melodies. She's been setting the country world on fire since releasing "The First Time" back in 2015. 

    Other Hits: Better Luck Next Time, homecoming queen?, Legends, and Get Over Yourself. 

  4. 4. "Wasting All These Tears" - Cassadee Pope

    She has such an electric vibe for a country singer. Pope isn't afraid to mix up genres, themes, and vocals. She definitely brings something new to fall in love with. 

    Other Hits: FYI, How I feel Right Now, and Take You Home. 

  5. 5. "Follow Your Arrow" - Kacey Musgraves

    Girl is on fire right now! If it's not releasing an award winning album, a glittery Christmas special, or saving a family photo business, she can't lose. She has an infectiously positive energy. 

    Other Hits: Rainbow, Merry Go 'Round, Blowin' Smoke, and My House. 

  6. 6. "Bathroom Floor" - Maddie & Tae

    Maddie & Tae are notoriously slept on in this industry. They hit it big in 2015 with "Girl in a Country Song", and have only gotten better from there. Bathroom floor not required. 

    Other Hits: Girl in a Country Song, Fly, Trying on Rings, Friends Don't, and Die From A Broken Heart.

  7. 7. "Worth It" - Danielle Bradbery

    Bradbery has such a soulful voice. She's the country version of Adele. Try not to get lost in the melody.

    Other Hits: Potential, Sway, Red Wine+White Couch, and Hello Summer. 

  8. 8. "Bra Off" - RaeLynn

    RaeLynn can be pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to her feminist message. Anyone remember "God Made Girls" ? RaeLynn has grown as an artist since her time on The Voice, and is steadily producing hits. 

    Other Hits: Queen's Don't, Love Triangle and Lonely Call.

  9. 9. "Change" - Taylor Swift

    It might be a little hard to remember that the iconic Swift started out as a Country singer. She released winning Country album after another before trying her luck with Pop, which has made her even more of a household name. Girl is an unstoppable force in action, even earning the coveted AMA award for Artist of the Decade

    Other Hits: Picture To Burn, Forever & Always, Enchanted, State of Grace, Blank Space, End Game, and The Man. 

  10. 10. "Head Over Heels" - Runaway June

    Country girl group anyone? Runaway June has such a modern Dixie Chicks vibe to them, and they have so much potential to hit it big in their male dominated industry. 

    Other Hits: Buy My Own Drinks, Trouble With This Town, and Lipstick. 

Country music is truly blessed for the countless women in their ranks. All we need to do is fully appreciate them.