Why Harry Styles is Such an Icon

Most people know Harry Styles as the "one with curly hair" from the boy band, One Direction. The same generalizing group of people may not understand why his fan base is the size of a small army, ready to attack if someone dares to insult him. There's a lot more to Mr. Styles than good looks and catchy songs. You'll see why he took the world by storm and why so many people love him. 

His brand is "Treat People With Kindness"

It's fitting for a man that naturally has a heart of gold, isn't it? For as long as all of us have known Harry, we've known him to be quite happy and sweet to everyone that he comes into contact with. He'd give the shirt off his back. Having this as his slogan has definitely brought a lot more positivity into the world. He slaps it on his merchandise, he talks about it constantly, and he practices what he preaches. By his fans wearing this and promoting these four simple words, it helps to pass along the message of kindness and to get more people behind it. Celebrities like Shawn Mendes and Daniel Howell (also known as Danisnotonfire) have even purchased and wore the merchandise out in public settings, helping to send along the message. He even has a special tab with all of his Treat People With Kindness merchandise on his website. It's more than just a catchy saying - it's who he is in his heart and as a person.

He's a positive voice for the LGBTQ+ community, BLM movement, and women

One Direction's On the Road Again tour was the beginning of Harry waving around pride flags during concerts in support of the LGBTQ+ community. He also wore a Michael Sam jersey after the former Rams football player had come out as the first openly gay NFL athlete. During his recent solo tour, many fans made signs, thanking him for helping them to come out and he would read them, respecting them and asking if it was okay if he would read it aloud. One of the most iconic flags he's held up was one that read "Make America Gay Again" at his Philadelphia concert this summer. He also came out with a rainbow version of his Treat People With Kindness shirt during Pride Month. There are so many things that he's done for the community that it's impossible to list them all!

Black Lives Matter is also something that Harry has advocated for. Fans would bring BLM signs to his shows and hold them up, in which he would respond "yes, they do." During his Chicago show on June 30, security wasn't letting fans into the venue if they had BLM flags or signs because of a protest that had been happening the day before. However, a handful of fans were able to sneak them in. Harry was aware of the security doing this and silently made sure that the cameras for the jumbo tron panned over to the fans with the signs, showing his support. 

Our dear Harold is also an advocate for women. He's worn countless shirts out in public that showed his support - a few of which have read "Feminist" and "Women Are Smarter." He's also an advocate for Emma Watson's #HeForShe campaign. He constantly praises his female fans, coining them as a group of strong women. A fan brought a sign to one of his concerts, stating how women were the future and Harry wholeheartedly agreed. 

We stand a man that's going to bring light and positivity to all of these communities and causes. 

He gave proceeds from his merchandise and concert tickets to charities

Harry has always been active with charity work, from visiting sick kids to calling one of the Manchester victims, to donating money to local charities. A piece of merchandise that he brought along with him on his tour was a pack of three hairbands for $10.00, all of which went to a local charity of Harry's choice in the area where the concerts were being held. These hairbands have also been added to his website after the tour ended, still donating to the same charities from the concert. A portion of his ticket proceeds also were donated to charity. That Treat People With Kindness Pride Month shirt that he came out with? Yeah, all proceeds (including shipping cost) were donated to GLSEN's work towards safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ+ youth. 

He cares about his fans

He doesn't want to take advantage of his fans. He refused to have meet and greet packages during his tour because of how outrageously priced the tickets would be. He said, "I want every fan to have a chance." Isn't that sweet? He also has ordered food and water for those that were waiting in line at his shows for hours on end because he didn't want them to starve or become dehydrated. In fact, for his solo debut Saturday Night Live performance, he surprised awaiting fans with kiwi and pizza. At the beginning of each concert, he always asks one thing of his fans and that is that they have the best time of their life and to just let loose. He wants to give the fans what they paid for, if not more. Now, how considerate is that?

He's a fashionable man

Now, while this isn't really that important to a lot of people, his fashion choices are a huge part as to why he's an icon. This year, Mr. Harry Styles became the face of Gucci, launching his own campaign with a chicken. He went from a well put-together teenage heartthrob to wearing bold print suits, sparkly shirts, body suits, and flared pants. He's graduated from the white t-shirt and painted on skinny jeans to something that suits him (no pun intended) and captures his personality. Along with his fashion statements, he also has been caught wearing just the slightest amount of makeup and nail polish. While it's obvious to see his finger nails painted, it wasn't obvious that he wears lipstick until he threw his empty water bottle to a fan and there were lipstick stains all over it. What a man, pushing gender roles and making fashion statements. We love that. 

There are so many reasons as to why Harry's an icon, I could go on forever. However, I think I'll just stick to the major points. So, while I might have either wasted your time, changed your mind, or made you love Harry even more, I'm glad to have given you another perspective on one of the most genuine human beings on this Earth. He stands up for what he believes in without causing a riot. He's the positive voice of a generation- one that brings light and hope into the world.