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Why Everyone Needs the New Buxom Va Va Plump Liquid Lipstick In Their Makeup Bag

Let me put this out there first: I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks for various reasons. Upon receiving the new Spring Survival Kit, I saw we were sent this new liquid lipstick from Buxom called Va Va Plump and decided I would give it a try despite my typical disappointment with most liquid lipsticks. Right off the bat upon applying it to my lips, I knew this one was different.

The Packaging

The packaging of the sample we were given is absolutely adorable. The lip/kiss marks scattered around it make for beautiful packaging. I believe the different colors of the lips represent their different shades. The actual packing of the lipstick was black with matte lips/kiss marks on the applicator part. I loved that it showed on both sides the shade that was inside the bottle.

Here’s What It Says About the Liquid Lipstick

  • Vivid color, pout-plumping shine
  • Lip hugging pout paddle delivers precise one-stroke color
  • Refreshing tingling sensation
  • Comfortable lasting wear

First Impressions

I used the shade called Wine Me and their claims of being a ‘one-stroke color’ are absolutely true. One stroke had enough pigmentation to it that it wouldn’t have been necessary to apply more than one or two layers. I have fairly small lips, so it only took me two dunks back inside the bottle to apply it fully on my lips. The tiny applicator made getting an even and sharp line easy; although I would probably recommend wearing a lip liner to secure it and combat feathering/bleeding (where the lipstick moves outside the lines of the mouth). After completely applying it I noticed the shine and gloss this lipstick gave off. It felt so light and comfortable on my lips and not drying like most matte liquid lipsticks. I’m not a huge lip-gloss wearer either but the shine was beautiful. This liquid lipstick was so comfortable to wear that it almost felt like I was wearing nothing at all except for a tiny bit of stickiness which didn’t really bother me. When I first applied it I noticed it had the slightest tingling effect. It felt as if I had just chewed peppermint gum and it touched my lips. It wasn’t uncomfortable, nor did it hurt by any means; I could honestly barely feel it. If anything, it was a pleasant feeling. Overall I was super impressed with this liquid lipstick even though I’m not a big fan of liquid lipsticks!

How It Wore Throughout the Day

My first application of it was super easy and it looked stunning! After about 20 minutes after initially applying it to my lips, I took a drink of water. Since it’s not like a matte lipstick that will dry down and not move off your lips, this one will transfer. Even after taking multiple drinks and seeing that quite a bit transferred to my water bottle, it still looked amazing. Sip after sip, it started to lose its shine and some parts were patchy due to the lifting of the lipstick, but it wasn’t a surprise since it wasn’t transfer-proof. Despite it transferring, it still held a lot of pigment to it and looked great after a couple hours of wear.

Word of Caution: Beware of white clothing while wearing this lipstick! 

Final Thoughts

Although it’s a bummer this liquid lipstick wasn’t smudge or transfer proof, it didn’t sway my opinion on it. I thought the way this lipstick felt and looked beautiful even after wearing it throughout the day. The color was still vibrant, I loved the color, and the ability to cover in one even coat, and the overall longevity of it. I’d rate this lipstick a 9/10 and definitely will be purchasing the full-size once I run out of the sample size.With such a huge and awesome shade range, I would highly recommend this product to everyone and will be a staple in my own makeup bag from now on. 

I would like to say a huge thank you to Buxom for sending us these samples in our survival kit! 

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