Why the 49ers Should Win the Super Bowl

This Sunday gives us the match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs, and the far superior San Fransciso 49ers. People are picking sides and placing their bets. If you're not already going for the 49ers, then here are some reasons to switch over to the winning side!

  1. 1. That Game Against the Packers

    That game was the opposite of a nail bitter, really reminiscent of the Eagles vs. Viking NFC championship game from 2018. Like the Eagles, a win like that deserves to be celebrated all the way to Super Bowl rings. 

  2. 2. The Bay Really Needs a Win

    It has been a really, really rough few years for Bay Area sports. The A's and the Giants have always been just short of greatness in the last decade. The Warriors have fallen from their pedestal. The Sharks are just not going to recover this season. The Raiders moved to Nevada, and the 49ers are the last hope of the Gold Coast. 

  3. 3. Katie Sowers

    Just perfection. The first woman and openly gay football coach to make it to the Super Bowl? This is a ring that every feminist can root for. 

  4. 4. It's Been Over 25 Years

    It's been long enough. That's older than most cars on the road. Old enough that a car that age can rent it's own car at a reasonable rate. 

  5. 5. Their Mascot Can't Be Beat

    Sourdough Sam is pretty incredible. Just a cool guy portraying a cool part of Western American history. 

  6. 6. They're a Better Team

    The West is the best. They consistently put an insane amount of points on the board and they have a great defense.

Victory comes in red and gold this season..