Where's The Love For The Short Haired Girls?

It seems like nowadays everyone raves and worships those with beautiful, long hair. But seriously, where is the love for the short-haired girls? 



1. Almost All The Hair Tutorials Are For Long Hair



Everywhere you turn there are beautiful and amazing hair tutorials…for long hair. Already knowing you can’t do many hairstyles anyway with short hair, you have to turn away disappointed, stuck doing the same exact hairstyle each day.


2.Short Hair Is Looked Upon As ‘Wild’ and ‘Crazy’



Everyone gasps after you make the brave and courageous move of chopping off your hair. It’s like you’ve committed a crime for cutting it off. It’s like suddenly your personality went from sweet and innocent to wild and spontaneous in two snips.


3.“You Looked Better With Long Hair”



All your friends and family constantly remind you how amazing you looked with long hair. With no escape from hearing it, you walk away still confident and in love with your short hair. You look good and you know it!


4.Short Hair Is Easy To Maintain



You don’t have to wake up with an entire rats nest on your head. It also doesn’t take 10 years to comb through.Wake up, brush, and be on your merry way.


5.Short Hair Doesn’t Clog The Drain.



Unlike long hair, where there usually seems to be a small animal clogging the shower drain, short hair girls have a much cleaner shower. It’s too short to clog it so there is no mess or hassle having to try to pull it out and trying not to gag.  



Short-haired girls have a lot of fun too! Just like long hair is praised, short hair is equally as beautiful and stunning! Let's show the whole world our love for the short-haired girls!