Where You Can Get FREE or Discounted Food in Menomonie

There is nothing a college student loves more then free or cheap food. Here is a list of some of the best birthday deals you can get in Menomonie, as well as places that offer Stout students discounts.


Acoustic: Free 1/3 Hoagie and small coffee/tea/lemonade on birthday.

Applebee’s: Free sundae on birthday.

Arby’s: Free milkshake with purchase on birthday.

Cancun: Free dessert on birthday.

Caribou: Free medium drink on birthday.

Cherry Berry: 15% off with student ID. Also, follow on Facebook to see all the deals they post weekly.

Chinese Buffet: 10% off with student ID.

Culvers: Free one-scoop custard on birthday.

Dairy Queen: BOGO Blizzard on birthday.

Denny’s: Free Grand Slam Breakfast on your birthday.

Dickey’s BBQ Pit: BOGO BBQ sandwich on birthday.

Jake’s: Free rail drink, or dessert on birthday.

Log Jam: Free dessert for birthday or free tap.

Lucette’s: Free house pizza. on birthday. You also can get a free glass if you buy a beer.

Marion’s: Free cupcake on your birthday.

McDonalds: Download the app for a bunch of great deals: often have BOGO for fries or McCafe purchases!

Menomonie Family Restaurant: Free pie on birthday.

Movie Theater: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 2 dollar discount with student ID after 6pm, Tuesdays are $5 movie night. (Not food related but still a great deal!)

Perkins: Free Magnificent 7 breakfast on birthday.

Raw Deal: Free coffee on birthday.

Silver Dollar: Wild Turkey shot.

Skoogs: Free drink on 21st birthday or a free sundae.

Stacked Eatery: Free crepe on birthday.

Stout Ale House: Unlimited short domestic taps or free dessert.

Taco Johns: Free Cinna-bites on birthday.

The Abbey: Free drink or shot on birthday.

The Blind Munchies: On Saturdays you can get $2 breakfast with Stout ID.

Waterfront: 1 free meal and domestic draft on birthday.

Wendy’s: $1 off value meal on birthday.