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When to Save and When to Splurge on Cosmetics

Foundation: Splurge

Foundation is where you should splurge.  It is so important because it creates the canvas for our makeup.  We have all probably played the guessing game with shades and formulas at the drugstore and struggled with telling the difference between porcelain and fair.  When you go to a cosmetic counter or a specialty store the sales associates will help match you to the correct shade and formula for your skin type.  Also, high-end foundations typically last longer because they give you more coverage therefore you use less of the product. 


Pressed Powder: Splurge

Ever had that chalky or cakey look after applying pressed powder where the powder settles into your pores and everything just looks terrible?  Drug store’s pressed powder usually do just that.  Lots of drug store pressed powders are also formulated with talc, which is a filler that can clog pores and dry your skin out. I would definitely recommend spending some money when it comes to pressed powders because they can be a lifesaver. 



Liquid Liner: Save

I used to spend $20 on a high-end liquid liner with a felt tip type applicator and was replacing it nearly every 2-3 months!  One day, when I was all out of liquid liner and feeling cheap, I decided to pick up a liquid liner at the drugstore and guess what…it did the exact same thing.  Literally, it was so similar to the $20 liquid liner pen I had been using before that I could barely tell a difference.  It also ended up lasting longer and cost half the price!  



Mascara:  Save

Mascara is something that needs to be replaced so often and most people use pretty quickly so I usually suggest saving on mascara.  Although the formulas and bristles may be quite different between high-end and drugstore mascaras, they are typically going to give you a very similar look. 



Lipstick: Save

Lipstick tends to be something people will spend a lot on but I tend to disagree.  I’ve found that there are certain drugstore lipsticks that I like even better than high-end lipsticks.  It is usually pretty easy to find a similar color lipstick as a high-end brand and the staying power and pigment is going to be pretty comparable.  The only exception here is with red lipstick-every woman deserves to own a high-end red lipstick!  

Lip Gloss: Splurge

Now, it may seem silly that I will buy a cheap lipstick but will splurge on lip-gloss.  But I have yet to find a drugstore lip-gloss that is true to its color, isn’t sticky and doesn’t wear off after fifteen minutes.  I also like the added benefits that high-end brands put in some of their lip-glosses like plumping and moisturizing ingredients. 



Face wash: Save

I am a strong believer that the simpler and fewer ingredients in a face wash, the better it is for your skin.  Lots of high-end face washes sound great with all of their fancy ingredients like green tea, lavender oil, salicylic acid and other things you can’t pronounce.  Though this may work for some people, if you have sensitive skin it is a good idea to stick with the basics and keep it simple. 


Moisturizer: Save

Again, I like to keep it simple when it comes to my skincare regime.  I get a bit skeptical when high-end brands promise firmer, brighter and healthier skin from using their product.  And, seriously, high-end moisturizers are expensive!  They can range anywhere from $40-$100.  There are lots of similar products that can be found at the drugstore with almost identical ingredients as high-end moisturizers for a fraction of the price. 



Eye shadow: Splurge

Eye shadow is my favorite because it can totally transform your look.  But, it can be challenging for people to apply when you are using drugstore eye shadows.  Drugstore eye shadows tend to not be nearly as pigmented as high-end eye shadows and can be very tricky to blend.  High-end shadows usually are creamier and easier to apply plus there are so many different colors and textures to choose from!   






My name is Rachel Kolias and I am from St. Paul, Minnesota. I am a junior at UW- Stout studying Professional Communication and Emerging Media with a concentration in Applied Journalism. I am a dedicated tea drinker, yogi, Lindy Hopper, musician, blogger and dog lover.
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