Watching Your Team Lose the Super Bowl

In a devastating twist of fate, the front runners of the Super Bowl lost to the Kansas City Chiefs last night in a final quarter turn around. An unexpected loss can be heart wrenching, and we totally get it if you experienced any of the following...

  1. 1. Remembering the False Confidence of the 8 Minute Mark

    There was showboating, there were pictures, there were memes. Now it's nothing. 

  2. 2. Realizing that the 49ers blew a 10 point lead

    10 points ahead should have sustained eight more minutes of game play!

  3. 3. When the Refs Determined that Williams' Out-of-Bounds Touchdown Counted


  4. 4. Losing the Small Bit of Hope You Had When San Fransciso Got the Ball Back

    They're supposed to be one of the best offensive teams in the league!

  5. 5. When Williams' Scored Yet ANOTHER Touchdown

    It's just unnecessary

  6. 6. Remembering that Katie Sowers Isn't Getting A Super Bowl Ring

    She'll always be the first woman in the Super Bowl. Maybe we'll have another shot with her next year?

  7. 7. Realizing that You Can't Wear Your 49ers Gear Tomorrow

    A reminder of the prevailing sadness

  8. 8. Coming to Terms with Another California Loss

    Haven't we gone through enough this season? We can't keep relying on the Dodgers to carry the West 

  9. 9. Realizing that Opening Day is Next Month

    March Madness starts in a few weeks, then Spring Training, the Masters is right behind, and the Draft isn't that far off. You'll be crying about a messed up bracket in no time!

Coming off a game like this is tough, but there's always another game, another season, and another sport. We'll get through this!