The UW System as Disney Princesses

Everyone in the UW System will tell you that every school has something it's known for. But has anyone ever told you that they each represent a different Disney Princess?

  1. 1. Eau Claire

    Rapunzel's journey is all about exploring this crazy world. This is something she shares in common with Eau Claire, and they both will go beyond expectations to explore curiousities.

  2. 2. Green Bay

    Lake Michigan feeds into the energy of Green Bay. To the benefit of our girl Ariel, who thrives on the water. Green Bay also leaves a lot to be desired in terms of "being part of your world" as they are the only campus in the UW system to not have a football team.

  3. 3. La Crosse

    There's a lot of natural athleticism here. If your school happens to have the same name as a popular sport, then it's definitely expected to lead the pack. Another leader is the iconic Mulan who always puts points on the board.

  4. 4. Madison

    Dating back to the official founding of Wisconsin in 1848, Madison has been around forever. Since then, it's started the University of Wisconsin System, much in the same fashion that Snow White made Disney Princesses a thing.

  5. 5. Milwaukee

    Aurora's actions speak louder than her words ever could. The same can be said for the research being done every day by UW Milwaukee. Don't sleep on their discoveries.

  6. 6. Oshkosh

    One of the shopping capitals of the state, and is thus deserving of Disney's most chic Princess. Here Jasmine can get all the deals and then some.

  7. 7. Parkside

    Right on Lake Michigan, Moana can reach her full potential ruling the sea. Freedom has never been so close!

  8. 8. Platteville

    A perfect combination of fun and hard work makes Tiana the one for Plateville. Not to mention how good she would look in those colors!

  9. 9. River Falls

    Even though it's as far west as Wisconsin goes, the sights are definitely worth the trip. Walking through River Falls is practically stepping into a portal to Scotland. Merida couldn't be more proud.

  10. 10. Stevens Point

    If you know anybody who has studied Environmental Science, then you know someone who went to Stevens Point. Their enviornmental studies program is unparalled, and makes it the place to be for Pocahontas.

  11. 11. Stout

    Since 1891, Stout has underwent FIVE major changes. Starting as a training school, growing into an institute, developing to a state college, later a University, and now finally a UW University, Stout has constantly been in a state of positive change. As such, is anything more fitting that the Princess of Change herself?

  12. 12. Superior

    Is anything quite so isolated like UW Superior is to the rest of the system? Much like Anna, Superior is basically a country away from civilization. Not only is it practically Canada, it's also freezing nearly all of the time.

  13. 13. Whitewater

    Known as Wisconsin's teaching school, Princess Belle is a perfect fit. Their mascot is even a Warhawk, so the Beast is represented too.

The University of Wisconsin System is a complex and rich tapestry. With so many differing specialties and achievements, it's a miracle any of us are able to choose just one.