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I am a very opinionated and stubborn person, so what you say will not change my view on these Disney movies.

1. The best Disney animated movie by far is Brother Bear. There’s no fucking romance, no prince saving a princess, just two bros that are bears. Barely anyone talks about Brother Bear, and some people have never even heard of it! I could watch this movie my whole life and I wouldn’t get bored! Brother Bear is such an underrated movie it needs the appreciation it deserves.

2. The worst Disney animated movie is Pinocchio. I have hated this movie for so long, it is way too scary and weird for children, and it’s so boring! I know it’s a classic, but I would never watch the movie even if you paid me, it’s just not that good. 

3. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is better than the original. I prefer the “edgy” style and story much more than the animated. As much as I love animation, Tim Burton’s version is way more interesting and doesn’t put me to sleep.

4. The best Disney princess is Tiana and the worst Disney princess is Snow White. Tiana may have kissed a frog, but at least she didn’t eat a poisoned apple from a stranger or go break into house. Tiana is hardworking and smart, while Snow White is forgettable.

5. The tv shows of Disney movies aren’t that bad, they may not be as good as the original but they are enjoyable. 

6. Mulan and Shang are not a good couple and shouldn’t have ended up together at the end of their movie. Shang was straight up rude to her until she saved his life. They have no chemistry and this is seen in Mulan 2. The first movie would’ve ended way better if Mulan just returned home on her own and made her family proud; the end. Shang is an alright character but he showed no romantic interest in Mulan until the very end so it’s very random and has no explanation. If you can’t tell I don’t like love stories if they don’t make any sense. 

7. And finally, Disney should go back to 2D animation for their movies. I don’t hate 3D animation and I know how long it takes to animate 2D, but it’s worth the wait. I’m sick of being able to see the pores of characters faces and the fabric. It’s cool but I’m over it and want to see the basics again. 


Hannah Plitzner

UW Stout '23

I'm a college freshman going into Entertainment Design! I like movies, dogs, and drawing. My pronouns are she/her.
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