Top 6 Lambeau Field Game Day Concessions

People who know me know that Lambeau Field and Green Bay is basically my second home. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. One of my favorite things are their concessions. While they can be rather expensive (let’s face it - any event venue with concessions is overpriced),  you usually get what you pay for and you’ll actually enjoy it. 


Cinnamon & Sugar Coated Nuts (Pecans, Almonds, Cashews)

My particular favorite is the cashew cone. This came onto the menu a few years ago and honestly, it’s one of my game day snacks. The best part is that you can get it in places other than the Lambeau Field concourse, like Cabela’s. They’re somewhat expensive - $8 for the larger cone, but you get a lot and it’s a good muncher for when the game gets intense. 


Cheese Curds


I will sit and argue that these are the best cheese curds in Wisconsin. I could live off of these. They’re one of my favorite snacks that Lambeau Field offers. Pair these with some beer and you’ve got yourself a good snack. 


Pack ‘N Cheese


I’ve personally never tried it, but I’ve heard glowing reviews. It’s so cheesy and it looks like a masterpiece. Just the smell of it wafting through the air when someone walks by is enough to make you salivate. It’s that snack that isn’t a meal, but if you didn’t have quite enough while tailgating, it’ll keep your grumbling stomach mum. 



I had a bowl of chili one year at the Shareholder meeting in the middle of July. Pretty sure I was the one and only person who had it being it was that hot out. Nonetheless, it was one of the finest bowls of chili I’ve ever had. It had a bit of a zazz to it, but not enough to the point I needed to drown myself in milk. It was just the right amount of zazz that didn’t make me regret my decision.


Packers Punch (alcoholic drink)

I hadn’t been to a game since I turned 21, so my first alcoholic beverage at Lambeau Field was the new Packers Punch. It was actually a pretty good drink. Of course, it’s very overpriced, but I figured it didn’t matter much since the beer was just a dollar or so cheaper. I thought it was just the right amount of sweet and sour - plus you couldn’t even taste the alcohol. Although, that might be the dangerous part. 


Hot Chocolate (w/ the souvenir mug of course!) 

I know it’s probably just a vat of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, but there’s something about it being in Lambeau Field on a cold day in a souvenir mug that makes it taste so much different. It’s one of my favorite things about going to cold weather games when I do. 


When you go to a Packer game, it’s hard not to get something to eat. Sitting for 3-4 hours can get pretty long and the full feeling you had from your tailgating feast will begin to wear off. Some concessions aren’t that good and you pay boku bucks for them. However, Lambeau Field tries to make it worth your while. And money.