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Top 5 Songs to Listen to While Playing Video Games

Songs can get a lot of people in the mood for different things. Happy songs when driving down the back roads, sad songs on rainy days, and in my case, some awesome songs while playing video games.

1. Natural by Imagine Dragons

This song has great beats to fight to and explains most characters of video games, so it fits very well on this list. A lot of Imagine Dragon songs are super powerful and feel like they belong in movies and video games

2. Legendary by Welshly Arms

This song is amazing all together. It is talking about how people are going to get the attention of the world and become legendary. It’s a great song and has awesome harmonics and it’s fun to play games with because it just makes the player feel so… legendary.

3. X Gon’ Give It To Ya by DMX 

Such a great fighting song as well. Super upbeat and he’s yelling the entire time and he’s got this raspy voice that makes it sound so awesome. This was in Deadpool so it has to be on the video game list.

4. Headstrong by Trapt

This is a super fierce song talking about not being afraid to go head first. Pretty much telling people to not mess with them because they will come back hard.

5. Vemon by Eminem

This is by itself an incredibly amazing song and it was the single for the movie Venom. It’s the best song to fight and kill too and just have a whole war. I’ve won so many levels with listening to this song. I love it a lot.



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