Top 10 Playlist for the Winter That Doesn't Want to End

So, if you're in the midwest, it seems like winter just keeps coming and coming without any signs of ending. Not to mention that there has been a lot of new music released and I've also discovered some different music, so I'm going to let you in on a few of my favorites!

So Long (feat. The RTE Concert Orchestra) by Niall Horan

While I have yet to receive my copy of the album due to back order (I'm not salty at all), our lovely Niall put his orchestral rendition of his debut album Flicker available to stream. So Long is one of my absolute favorites that didn't make Niall's actual album. He had only performed it during his Flicker World Tour because he said that he regrets not making it go onto the album. Bless his soul for putting it on this one with a heavenly orchestra behind it. 

Why Won't You Love Me by 5 Seconds of Summer

This is 5SOS' latest single and I have to say that it's forcing me to love it even more than I already did. It has been one of my favorite songs from their Youngblood album since it came out last year. I'm so glad that she's getting the love that she deserves!

Anxiety (with Selena Gomez) by Julia Michaels

I've never listened to Julia Michaels much before, but she released a song with Niall Horan (hold on, we're getting there) and I decided to check out the rest of her new music. This is one of my favorite ones. It describes anxiety in its true form. Also, I'm excited to hear some new Selena content.

Hooked by Why Don't We

I don't have any room for more boy bands, but this song is actually decent. Not going to lie, I don't really care for any of their other music, but this one is pretty catchy. Also, I guess that one of them is from Stillwater, Minnesota? Neato!

Monster by Gabbie Hanna

This is the first song by TheGabbieShow that I've ever listened to. I also never watched her Youtube. Ricky Dillon (another Youtuber) was tweeting about it so much, I felt like he was forcing me to listen to it, so I did. There's something about her voice that's so raw and you can hear the emotion. Thanks, Ricky.

What a Time (feat. Niall Horan) by Julia Michaels

Mr. Niall Horan here has definitely made his presence known in this playlist. Despite the fact that Niall is featured in this song, I do really like it. Julia just has a beautiful voice and I find it getting stuck in my head. I really enjoy the acoustic sound she has. It's gorgeous and I'm happy that her and Niall collabed. 

GIRL by Maren Morris 

Ever since I saw Maren in concert last summer, I've been absolutely in love with her music. With today's country, I'm a little more picky and there's very few country artists that I actively listen to. Maren has made a permanent spot on that short list with this song and I can't wait to hear more of her new music!


Another boyband, but this is actually the only song that I've listened to and it's really good. My friend Manuela was the one that actually turned me to listen to it. She's a huge PM fan and she was posting hard about this song when it was going to be released, so it only upped my anticipation for it! Thanks, Manu!

Better Now (80's Version) by Blanks

I actually really like this song even though it was made as a joke off of Post Malone's Better Now. I found it on Facebook as a viral video and then people on Tik Tok kept making videos to it and it got in my head. It's just one of those cheesy 80's renditions that makes you want to dance!

Close to Me (feat. Diplo and Swa Lee) by Ellie Goulding

I've only ever listened to Ellie Goulding when she was in the Top 100 with Lights and Burn, but this song is one I stumbled across on Spotify and it isn't too bad. I really like the beat of it. It's fun and dancy and a good shower tune. Hopefully, this one doesn't get overplayed!