Top 10 Playlist For Winter

Here we are in the winter months already. Another year is about to be wrapped up and Christmas music is filling the radio stations. In case you’re an anti-Christmas music person, I’ve compiled a playlist for you.


New York, New York by Frank Sinatra

This may be an older song, but it’s something that I look forward to hearing every year on New Year’s Eve after Auld Lang Syne is sang. Not only that, but it reminds me of a Hallmark movie in a way with the main female character going around New York in the winter time with a big smile on her face and shopping bags in her hand. Okay, I admit I picture that girl as me because it’s a dream of mine to go to NYC in the winter time.


Make It Rain by Ed Sheeran

Excuse me for another music rec from Sons of Anarchy. They have such a lovely soundtrack for every season that I just can’t help myself. Anyway, Ed Sheeran covered this Foy Vance song exclusively for the show. I had never heard it or even knew that it existed until I was watching SOA. I fell in love with it immediately because boy, do I love me some Ed Sheeran. Not only that, but it’s a slower song that’s good when you’re taking long walks in the winter - like for me when I make the trek to class from my dorm room.


Polaroid by Jonas Blue, Liam Payne, and Lennon Stella

This is my favorite song that Liam Payne has released to date. Not only does it include the beautiful voice of Lennon Stella, but it’s different than the other works of art that he’s put out. For one, it’s not about sex, which is certainly a nice change. While I love Liam’s other music, it’s all about sex and it’s nice to finally get a song that doesn’t talk about it. It’s also fun and upbeat, making you want to dance around and sing to it. At least, that’s how I feel when I listen to it. Not only that, but it can bring you out of those winter blues for a little bit and make you feel a little more lively and awake.


Queen by Shawn Mendes

I’ll admit that I haven’t actually listened to Shawn Mendes’ latest album in full yet. It’s sitting on my shelf, still in the wrapper. I just got to find the perfect time to sit down and binge my favorite Canadian. I actually heard this song the other day when I was working and I fell in love with it - like I do every Shawn Mendes song to be completely honest. It’s fun and definitely helped me to get my work done faster. I also caught onto the chorus and was lip syncing, which I may have gotten a few stares from customers.


Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron

Lord Huron has been in my playlists since I first heard their song on 13 Reasons Why. This particular song brings me to a hiking trail in Glacier Park that’s at the foot of the mountains on a cloudy day. It reminds me of the freeing feeling you have when you’re out in that part of the country. The feeling of peace and tranquility while looking at some of the Earth’s finest works of art. I might just be dramatic, but that’s what this song reminds me of and I absolutely love it.


Rainberry by Zayn

This is Zayn’s most recent release along with the announcement of his second solo album since One Direction. I really like the beat of this song along with the sounds of Zayn’s angel voice. Okay, that’s my inner Directioner coming out, but it’s true. I’ve been waiting for his second album since 2016, so I’m very anxiously awaiting the perfection that is Icarus Falls.


The Funeral by Band of Horses

This song has a nice relaxing vibe to it. When I’m not listening to rain sounds to focus, I find that I’m listening to this song among others in my writing playlist. I don’t know what it is about it, but it helps me to keep my ideas flowing when I’m writing and also get my homework done.


I’ll Be Good by Jaymes YoungI really like Jaymes Young’s voice and songwriting. The song is more focused on the lyrics than the music, which I think is a good and effective take on the song. The lyrics, in my personal opinion, are very poetic and tell a good story.


Bloom by The Paper Kites

I love the acoustic vibes of this particular song and also the hushed singing. It’s one of those relaxing songs that you can think to and focus with. It’s a good tune to wear a beanie-sweater combo and drink a cup of warm hot chocolate to.


Way Down We Go by Kaleo

I really love the lead singer’s voice with this song as well. It accentuates his vocals so nicely. It’s a little bit haunting and acoustic too, which is a beautiful combination in my opinion.