Time Management While Having a Job in College

When starting my freshman year in college, I had the best job a student could get on campus. I worked as a desk assistant for my dorm building, which meant I could do homework done, eat on the job, and I never had to leave my dorm to go to work. For some though, life just wasn’t that easy. Managing your time while also having a job in college can be difficult but it can also be done (while also having a social life). All you need is an agenda (or two) and perhaps a smart phone.

Agendas. I have two planners designated for only two purposes. One is for homework only and the other for any events, meetings, work, and class related schedules. I run on a tight shift but I also believe in taking good care of myself and my body. When planning my work schedule, I never have work or class scheduled too close to one another. I give myself at least 25-30 minutes in-between to get myself any food, downtime to visit someone quickly, or to just watch an episode on Netflix. Also, I suggest color coding each schedule and class homework assignment so it’s easier for you to recognize. When getting an agenda, look into getting small sized planners so you can fit them in your purse in case you need to quickly write in when you’re taking someone’s shift or to see if you can even do that solid for a friend at work.  

Laptops. In case agendas aren’t your thing, your laptop can be a useful tool to manage your time. At Stout we’re issued laptops, so it’s pretty much on you from sunrise to sunset. If you didn’t already know, your laptop has an application called “sticky notes” that you can post on your desktop screen and you can write notes on them. I have sticky notes on my desktop for every class I am in and I also use them to write any important dates or meeting I have going on. I use the notes to write class assignments, tips on how to do class projects (with partner names to contact), and when a final or exam is coming up soon. For work related schedules, I use the sticky notes to document what days I work and the times. Since we use our computers every day, it’s convenient to know exactly what I have going on at just a click of a button while I am in class.

Smartphones. If you have an iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone, you probably have an app that comes with a calendar. With these calendar apps, you can schedule events for any day, and you can even put them to appear every other day, on specific days of the week, every other week on a specific day, you name it, then it can most likely do it! Since most of us keep our phone just in our pockets, you can schedule what time you have classes, work, meetings, and anything else you have going on. This become even more convenient when you don’t have your laptop or agenda with you. You can easily pull out your phone and you can know what you have going on that day. You can even have reminders come up whenever an event is about to happen that day. Also, you can go online and screen shot your class schedule (or work schedule if it is emailed to you) and you can save them in your photo gallery in case you don’t want to document every class and work day you have going on in your calendar. You can also sync your calendar and Facebook together. This way you can get everyone of your friend’s birthdays or Facebook events to appear on your calendar. 

Watches. I never take my watch off. My watch can be my lifesaver once in a while. You can’t always have your phone on you. Having a watch can let you quickly check the time so you never have to be late without knowing. I have my watch set to let me know when an hour has passed, so I know when to wrap things up and get ready to go do something else. And they can be super cute too.