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Things to Look Forward To On Campus During the Winter

**Disclaimer: this article is sarcasm, but with a hint of truth.**

A lot of people in the northern US (specifically the Midwest) are not looking forward to the weather that the next few months are going to bring, especially college students because a majority of them are going to have to walk to their classes. However, as much as we don't like getting a ton of snow, there are a few great things that we college students can look forward to. 

No Skateboarders/Longboarders to Run Us Off the Sidewalks

Such a refreshing thought, knowing that these heathens aren't going to be on the walkways, interrupting my day and making me angry for the next five months. I can walk freely without nearly getting run over by some rude oaf. Such a breath of crisp, fresh air.

Sweat Isn't Dripping From Your Face When You Go Up a Hill.

It's so cold outside that you're not overheating from power walking because you left too late for class. Not only that, but fellow makeup connoisseurs won't have to worry about their makeup smudging.

Potentially Canceled Classes

College isn't usually closed for weather unless it's extremely bad, like the 2018/2019 winter for example. However, that doesn't mean professors won't cancel classes because they don't feel like getting cold.

Holiday Break

For one month out of the winter, college students don't have to deal with classes, which means that we don't have to brave the elements to walk to class.

No shoveling! (Apartment/Dorm Students)

If you live on campus or in an apartment, there's one winter chore you won't have to do - shoveling or snow blowing! We have hardworking individuals who do it for us. Although, they need not be shy when salting the sidewalks.

There are many things to look forward to about winter as well as things to dread. However, it's still a wonderful time of year with the holidays and snow will always be a necessary evil for those of us who decide to live in the northern part of the country. So, instead of complaining about it, let's just sit and make jokes while enjoying our cup of hot cocoa and call it a day.

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