Summer is Over: The Five Stages of Grief

There are two types of people in the world. People who are constantly looking forward to each new season as another opportunity to participate in cliche, but enjoyable, activities and there are the kind of people who cling to one season like it's all they've got. I'm specifically talking about summer. For those of you who can relate to the second kind of person, this article is for you. You know who you are. You love summer, you love the warm days, the tan skin, and freedom from classes and you are never quite ready to let it go. As summer draws to an end, you might find yourself going through the five stages of grief: Summer Edition. 

Stage One: Denial

This stage usually comes about the time of year when your parents and family friends ask you if you are getting excited about school to start in the fall. I honestly don't know what kind of reaction they expect, but can we all just collectively agree that this is not an acceptable question to ask in July? I still have yet to finish my summer bucket list and  I will refuse to accept the fact that summer is ever going to end until the truth stares me straight in the eye. 

Stage Two: Anger

You walk into Walmart, minding your own business, and then BAM! That cursed school aisle is all set up, complete with the giant cardboard pencil suspended from the ceiling with that yearly threat: "Back to School!" From that point on, you are in a constant state of angry mumbling and sass whenever approached with the topic of school. 

Stage Three: Bargaining 

If only we had one more week of summer, I would never ask the universe for anything else. 

Stage Four: Sadness

How could summer end again? I was not prepared! How could it let me down like this? If I go back to school then my tan will fade and I won't have any motivation to shave my legs anymore and then I will be ugly. 

Stage Five: Acceptance

There is no changing the fact that summer is officially over and school is going to start. Will we be overwhelmed with homework and stress? Yep! And there is nothing left to do but to accept it and wait for next summer.