Stress Relievers

Stress is just a fact of life and everyone feels it! You could stress about school, work, relationships, the future, or even you family life back home.

Go for a Walk.

Take a minute to stroll around town or a park and channel in Mother Nature. This will replenish your breathing. When you do this, make sure that you turn off electronics so you are not distracted by what is on social network.


To meditate in an effective way, here are some tips:

1.       Focus on your breathing

2.       Set your intentions on what you want to accomplish

3.       Choose a comfortable position

4.       Focus on a body part you want to relax one at a time

5.       Imagine yourself on a beach or somewhere tranquil

Watch a comedy.

Another good way to calm your nerves is to laugh. An easy way to do that is to go to a show or rent a funny movie. Try one with a light plot and one with your favorite actor or actresses in it.

Call a good friend.

When is the last time you actually called someone and had a full on conversation? When you have a spare minute call a family member or friend that is close to you and just chat it up.

Take time to read.

Curl up with a good book and enjoy a day in your pajamas and your couch or bed.

Hopefully some of these stress relievers work for you and you can breathe a little easier by this time next week. Just remember that you are not alone and if you think your anxiety is getting too high, make sure to seek help from a doctor or counselor.