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Stranger Things Season 4 Predictions

Like many seasons, we don’t know a lot about Season 4. But with what we have already seen, I have some theories about what is going to happen in Season 4 of Stranger Things. 


1. Hopper isn’t dead. I doubt that Netflix would kill off one of their most loved main characters. My guess is that he is in the Upside Down because of the portal. From the teaser on Stranger Things’ offical Instagram, we can see that Hawkins is different. It looks similar to what the Upside Down looks like so that is probably where they are. If Hopper is not alive someone has to be stuck in the Upside Down and needs to be rescued by the gang. This way Eleven and Will have to face their past and be with the group once again.

2. Hopper could also be in the Russian prison that is seen at the end of the credits. They mention an American prisoner, but that could also be Murray or Brenner. Brenner could still be alive so he could be helping the Russians with the Demogorgons. Murray got out of Starcourt at the end of the finale so he probably didn’t get caught by the Russians. 

3. Murray and Joyce are searching for Hopper. There is an Easter Egg that if you call a certain number, you will get to Murray’s voicemail. He states that he has an update for Joyce which is not good or bad. This is probably about Hopper’s whereabouts or could also be information on the Russians.

4. Eleven gets her powers back! Eleven losing her powers is the saddest part of Season 3, and all of the ironic moments of her are not the same. At the finale it seems that she has lost all of her powers and can be a normal kid now. But I doubt that is what is going to happen. She is either going to get her powers back, or the Byers family is going to have to return to Hawkins. From the teaser we know we are still in Hawkins so the family has to come back to where everything started. This way they can figure out what is going on in the Upside Down.

5. Steve finally gets a new love interest. I loved Steve and Robin’s relationship but it’s not an actual romantic relationship. It seems that Steve still hasn’t moved on from Nancy because every time someone mentions her name he perks up. He needs to find someone new and maybe with the help of Robin he can not be a single dad anymore. Hopefully she doesn’t die. Every side character that isn’t introduced in the first season seems to die, especially those who are nice. Have we not forgotten Barb, Bob, or Mews? If your name starts with a B, you are gonna die in Stranger Things, that is just the way it is. 


I’m very excited for the new season of Stranger Things, and even though we don’t have a lot to go off of; I know that this season will have more stakes and be just as interesting!



Hannah Plitzner

UW Stout '23

I'm a college freshman going into Entertainment Design! I like movies, dogs, and drawing. My pronouns are she/her.
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