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Stonewashed Gray: The In Color for Everyone

Public Service Announcement: There is no shame in having gray hair anymore!!! In fact, it’s way in style now and can be seen on some of the hottest celebs. It can be worn by anybody and is super easy to achieve. Keep reading to see who has it, how to pull it off, and how to achieve it!

1.    Who has it?

This look can be seen by various women on the Red Carpet, but some of the favorites include Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne, and Rihanna and they all pull it off in very different ways. While outrageous style is expected from her, Lady Gaga is the queen of the gray hair color, but she rocks it in the most elegant way. Kelly Osbourne in her oh-so-eccentric ways pulls off the gray look with bold pink undertones in the typical whacky Osbourne fashion. Meanwhile, Rihanna struts the minimally gray look in her bad*** way. She may not be Sasha Fierce she most definitely is #Flawless 

2.    Who can pull it off?

ANYBODY! This gray style can be perfect for anybody as long as you wear it with confidence. Go big or go home! It’ll make you stand out amongst the blondes and the brunettes of the world. BE FABULOUS!

3.    How to get it

There are hundreds of Pinterest ways to achieve this chic stonewashed color, but the best way I have found is to get professional help to bleach your hair (the lighter the tone the more gray you will become) and use a gray rinse such as Roux Fanci-Full color wash after each time you wash your hair then blow dry. Voila! You have the stonewashed look that you’ve been wanting!

If you’ve been on the fence about going for the look and you are a brunette, I would talk to your stylist before taking the plunge to bleach and go gray.  If you are a blonde, it may be a different story and a bit easier to achieve. Either way it’s a killer style that anybody can pull off. Just remember, it’s only hair…it’ll grow back!

Special Education major at UW-Stout. Supplementing my education with my Beyonce obsession, Netflix, and being a princess. 
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