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Spring/Summer 2015: A Man’s Clothing Guide

Spring is in full effect. Everyone is back outside again enjoying the weather and neglecting their schoolwork for nature. But hey, nature is awesome, so it’s ok. However, what’s NOT ok is a stale wadrobe. There is alot going on this year in fashion trends and they’re certainly worth paying attention to. Here are a couple of styles to check out for 2015.


Often called “statement stripes”, this trend is expected to be hot for summer and spring. This pattern looks good with just about anything and offers a subtle sense of personality to your ensemble. As you can see, they show nicely on pants and shorts as well. 




Denim is awesome. It is simultaneously rustic and sophisticated. I’m not just talking jeans here either. Denim button ups and jackets are killer if paired with the right colors. Also, don’t be afraid to go denim-on-denim.




Red is a lot of fun. It can bring much needed ‘pop’ to a dull get-up. Red shoes are a surpsingly versatile outfit-enchancer and red shorts go well with lighter colors. However, going full red is a fashion no-no. Keep it to a splash.




This style was big last year and it has continued to stay relevant in the 2015 fashion landscape. Bright, colorful floral patterns are especially appropriate for this time of year. In the form of tops, pants, shoes, or hats they can serve as an appealing contrast to any outfit.



Like red, floral should only appear as a splash.

Sorry, Gucci. It’s going to be a few more years before “walking garden” catches on.



Ok, don’t worry, the 70s aren’t back or anything, but there are a plethora of styles from the time period making a resurgence. Now, I’m not saying you should walk out the door looking like… 



…well, that, but, taking 70s fashion into consideration for spring/summer has the potential to spice up your wardrobe. Instead of going no-holds-barred like Katie Eary did above, rather incorporate subtle nods into your outfit. For example, a shearling jacket, wide-collared shirt, or nerckerchief paired with your typical ensemble has major style potential.


Ah, much better.

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