Spring Cleaning For Your Hair!

It’s finally that time of year again where you can dust off those shelves and throw away all of those old products. Don’t forget while you’re doing all the chores on your spring cleaning list to also check off the ones for your hair! Your poor hair has suffered all winter long through the freezing cold, snow, and wind so now it’s time to finally take some care of it!



1.       Clean Your Brushes



Bacteria, dust, and old oils get caught in your hairbrush and continue to build up. It’s important to take the time and thoroughly clean them so that you and your hair can feel clean and fresh this spring! Check out my article on how to clean deep into those bristles called How To Properly Clean & Sanitize Your Hair Brushes.


2.       Use Lighter & Fewer Products



Now that winter is over, finally letting your hair breathe, especially since winter hat season is done, is important! Using lighter products such as hairspray, texture sprays, and any other oils will help your hair ease into spring and not bog it down with all those harsh or heavy products. Let that hair bounce and sway in the wind!


3.       Cut Off Dead Ends



Winter can be extremely rough on your hair. Cold and dry air and windy days can leave your hair dry, lifeless, and full of frizz or static. Freshen up your hair with a trim or just a completely new haircut! Don’t forget to cut off all those split ends so your hair can become healthy and strong.


4.       Clean Styling Tools



Don’t forget after you clean your hairbrushes to give your styling tools some love and attention too. Just like brushes, styling tools or curling irons can build up with products, oils, and gross bacteria, dirt, and grime. All you need is a piece of cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Let it dry and your tools are back in business to pull off that perfect spring look.


5.       Throw Away Old Products



Don’t forget while your spring cleaning to check in your shower stall and vanity drawers and throw out all of those hair products that are empty or expired. If there are products that are still usable but not used in your daily routine, put them in your gym or travel bag for use on the go. You can even try giving them to friends or family as a little present!


6.       Air Dry



Now that the spring is in the air, try letting your hair dry on its own. Try sticking your head out the window of the car (it’s super fun and extremely effective for drying). The freezing winter air has passed, so try giving your hair a break from the blow drying once and awhile.


7.       Protect Against Sun Damage



Although the beautiful weather and bright sunny days are absolutely wonderful, it’s important to still protect your hair from sun damage. Just like too much sun exposes to your skin without proper protectant like sunscreen, the sun can cause dry hair, split ends, frizziness, and discoloration. To help protect your hair, try wearing a hat or using products that have UV protection to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous.



Winter can be rough on your hair. Now, when you’re finally out and about enjoying the melting snow and the sunny days, you and your hair can feel good. Stay beautiful, healthy, and happy.