Shopping With Your Best Friend Vs Shopping With Anyone Else

Shopping is a whole experience. Some people really enjoy it and others absolutely dread it. Either way, it really makes a difference who you spend that shopping trip with. Whether you shop alone, with your significant other, or with your mom, shopping with your best friend is for sure the most fun and effective way. Here are some ways that shopping with your best friend is so much better than shopping with anyone else. 

They are truthful with you 

Even when the truth hurts, you can always count on your BFF to not sugarcoat anything. 

They know what stores you want to go in

You don't have to beg them to go into your favorite stores because they are already on their way in there. 

You never have to feel bad about how long or how little time you spend in a store

Sharing a dressing room is so much fun

Fitting rooms alone = boring, indecisive. Fitting rooms with your best friend = fun, gassing up, bonding time. 

It's a perfect time to spill the tea and catch up

When it comes down to it, nothing beats shopping with your BFF. Spending time together while spoiling ourselves is quite possibly the best combination out there. If I had enough money, I would shop with my bestie every weekend.