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Post Finals Celebrations

It may seem like forever away, but finals are fast approaching. Which means post finals celebrations are close behind. We all have our rituals to let off steam after the chaos and frustration of the completion of the semester. Here are some great things to get excited about…!

Sleeping like a QUEEN

With the all nighters and no naps, you really haven’t been winning lately. Now that it’s all over, you can just breathe and fall into a light coma for awhile. 

Eating Like a Champ!!

“Hard work should be rewarded by good food.” – Ken Follett

You’ve been stress eating for weeks, but now it’s time for some quality sustenance. Order from the fancy sushi place across town; no more takeout from the convenience store up the road. You’ve earned this!


You promised yourself that good marks this semester would pay off in some upgrades. Get those Redbubble stickers in your cart, a new Hydroflask, and a facial set. Gotta bring it for the next #SelfCareSunday


When are drink prices ever going to be this low again? With graduation coming up for some, prices are at an all time low, and you can go hard without breaking the bank. It’s not like you have more exams on the horizon. 

Netflix Time!!!

You’ve been putting off that new series for long enough. It’s time you fully embrace the binge and cocoon for a few days. 

Getting Out of Dodge

You’ve been in this town for like four months now, and you’re not going to spend another second more than you have to. You’ve finished your last final, and then you are out! 

With the stress of finals, it can be hard to remember that celebration is on the way. Keep your head up girl!

Stephanie Zengler is a Business Administration major and Communication Studies minor, and she completely understands if you think her last name is actually Ziegler. Like a lot of business majors, Stephanie has a favorite Andrew Carnegie quote, and like a good communication minor, has very strong opinions on the Oxford comma. Aside from being a Stout student, Stephanie is an avid fan of Bay Area sports, Fleetwood Mac, and the amazingly perfect show Dollface.
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