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Old Fashioned Lovey-Dovey Traditions We Need to Bring Back

If you look around today, you’ll most likely see millennials texting on their phones and distracted by a million other things while out on dates. Instead of actually giving their significant other their full attention, they don’t even appreciate eachothers time. Here are a few things that your grandparents and probably even your parents did, that are old fashioned, but regardless, super adorable and genuine.

Hold the Door for Your Significant Other

Holding the door for others is a great way to show respect and consideration for them. It’s so easy and simple to do, but this action can go a long way. Today, where everyone is so busy and rushing everywhere, it makes you slow down and do something small, but nice for someone. This rule can also apply to anyone, it doesn’t simply have to be your significant other.

Hand Written Letters

It has become out of fashion to write letters. Your grandparents probably wrote letters all the time before the age of the cell phone. It’s very old fashioned, but it also means you have to put in a little extra time and effort, which makes it all the more special for your significant other.

Ask in Person for Dates

Instead of asking to go on a date or hang out with your significant other through a text message or social media, try asking them if possible in person. Asking face-to-face comes across much more genuine. Your grandparents probably didn’t have a cell phone to call or text in order to set-up a date. By asking in person, it will be sincere and really show your date that you are confident and care.

Bring Flowers to Dates

You don’t necessarily have to go to a flower shop and purchase a dozen red roses or another beautiful assortment. If you live in a place where wild flowers grow, it may be wise to stop and grab a few. Your significant other will always appreciate the extra effort you put in. You don’t always have to spend money to showcase how much you really care.  

Don’t Use Phones/Distractions

Thankfully, in your grandparent’s days, they didn’t have cell phones and other distractions. They didn’t sit there and text people while on a date. They were completely focused on the person, who devoted time to spend with them and only them. By putting the cell phone away you will show them that you appreciate the time spent together.  In turn, the date will be much more memorable when you both are focused on each other instead of what’s happening on Instagram or Facebook. Life is too short, so value your time with the ones you love.

Pick Your Date Up from the Front Door/Walk Them Back to the Door

Nowadays, everyone honks their horn or sends a text message saying “I’m here” to pick up their date, instead of actually getting out the vehicle to walk up to the front door.  It’s the simple things that will make their heart melt. Don’t forget to walk them to the door at the end of the date to say goodnight, as well. This simple sign of respect on the first date, could be the reason you get a second date.

Do Something You Both Like Together (Hobbies)

Of course, when arranging a date, it’s important to choose something you’re both interested in, but it really makes a date much more romantic if you both are doing something you love. For example, my grandparents will go dancing together almost three times a week, because they obviously love it. Finding something you both can be involved  in will make sparks fly that much easier and quicker.

Tell Your Significant Other What You Like/Love About Them Often

If it’s not obvious by now, there’s a trend in this article. The trend is showing your significant other how much you appreciate them. Verbally telling them, especially in person, everything you love about them will make their heart melt. It’s always nice to hear what makes you so special to them.

By doing these things, you don’t have to spend nearly any money to show your significant other how much they mean to you. It’s all about putting in that extra effort to show that you love and care for them. After all, if your grandparents are still together after all this time, doesn’t that show that these tips work? Appreciate and cherish your loved ones.


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