The Non Recyclable Cans Dominating the Market and What to Replace Them With

Who doesn't want a little bit of extra energy? When you're trying to stay on top of class assignments, work projects, or getting through overnight video game sessions, energy drinks have long since been the go-to. Unfortunately, an extremely popular drink of choice for added energy is Mountain Dew's "Game Fuel", which is heavily marketed at dedicated video game players. This is because of the can's resealable top, which is convenient for the consumer, and hazardous for the environment.  

Fortunately, this misstep in can production is pretty limited to "Game Fuel" and there are much better alternatives already on the market! There's definitely something for everyone, and each option on this list is perfectly recyclable.

  1. 1. Mountain Dew Kickstart

    Kickstart is also made by Mountain Dew, but with some serious upgrades. While being completely recyclable, Kickstart also has considerably less caffeine. Shot gunning 5% less caffeine throughout the day is going to make a world of difference in the long run. 

  2. 2. Coca-Cola Energy

    Like Mountain DewCoca-Cola has some skin in this game. Their energy drink is moderately low in caffiene, but high in sugar. What you'd probably expect in an energy drink made by a soda corporation.

  3. 3. V8 + Energy

    V8 makes energy drinks now! And they're surprisingly compact, so you can bring all that Green Tea goodness almost anywhere. 

  4. 4. Hi-Ball Energy

    This isn't for the attention seeking. Hi-Ball is simple and genuine. Not to mention that the company behind it is working to provide assitance to those treating patients on the frontline of the COVID epidemic.

  5. 5. G Fuel

    G Fuel is serious gamer juiceStocked full of C, E, B6 and B12 vitamins, this will really kick your senses into overdrive. It is very important to note that their 16 oz cans have 600 mg of caffiene, which can be incredibly unsafe if over consumed. Use in moderation!

Energy supplements are always going to be a thing. It's important to be sure you're using the one that's right for you (and the environment)!