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This year has been a royal blessing as far as new music is concerned. Artists that we haven’t heard from in a year or two are coming back onto the scene, while annoying songs like “Old Town Road” are finally being pushed off the air and  replaced with songs more pleasing to my ears. So, if you’re in need of an update to your Spotify or Apple Music playlist, here are some recommendations. 

Mother by Charlie Puth

I’m not an overly huge Charlie Puth fan, but this is a song that I really like by him. It has a good beat and is overall just a fun song. It’s definitely a car jam if you ask me!

Hope for the Underrated Youth by YUNGBLUD

I didn’t really like this song at first, but once I saw it live and watched the heartwrenching video (TW: guns, gun violence), I really enjoyed it. As with every song that YUNGBLUD releases, it has a deep and important message to go along with it. Honestly, just listen to everything that he’s released. He’s not for everyone, but like, give the man a chance, okay? 

Lights Up by Harry Styles

Ah, yes, the HS2 era has officially begun and I am so ready for it. Not going to lie, I wasn’t too sure about this song at first. I didn’t hate it, but it was a lot different for him compared to his debut solo album. Not to mention, he sounded A LOT like Zayn Malik when I had first heard it. Anyhoo, after listening to it again and rewatching the video, it’s one of my favorite songs. I honestly can’t wait for more. 

Nice to Meet Ya by Niall Horan

To go along with the long awaited HS2 era, the NH2 era has also commenced. While this is still different from his usual sound, it still fits for him. It’s a fun dance-y song and honestly makes me imagine running into Niall at a bar and have him treat me to a drink. The video is cool as well, as he has put hints for his fans about other songs that are going to put on the upcoming album. Oh, and can we please talk about him speaking French?! *cue heart eyes*

Original Me by YUNGBLUD (feat. Dan Reynolds)

Another song that was just recently released by YUNGBLUD, featuring the front man of Imagine Dragons. The song is about being the “original loser” and their mental health (i.e. anxiety and self-esteem issues) and how they are basically owning it; realizing this is what makes them unique. Not to be biased, but it’s yet another masterpiece done by Mr. Dominic Harrison (YUNGBLUD).

Norman F**king Rockwell by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has always been one of my favorite female artists. I love her voice and she definitely doesn’t disappoint with her new album, NFR!. The title track is definitely one of my favorites. Her voice and the music just flow so beautifully together. Not only that, but she creates a visual in your head with the way she writes her lyrics. 


I first heard this song when I attended a YUNGBLUD concert, but it was definitely one that I enjoyed. They’re not very popular, but their music is definitely worth a lesson. This song is basically talking about having a friendship that’s worse than politics because they’re so toxic and the relationship is so unhealthy. Go give their new album a listen while you’re at it. You might be surprised how much you enjoy them. And how underappreciated they are. 

Falling For Boys by Julia Michaels 

This is part of Julia Michaels’ second EP, Inner Monologue Part 2. While the song has a happy and upbeat tune, it’s about how she keeps falling for these really bad guys that she refers to as ‘boys.’ She is basically embracing the fact that she has poor taste when it comes to men. Like with a lot of her music, she’s raw in her lyrics, which makes the listener appreciate her music that much more.

Slide Away by Miley Cyrus

As much as this song saddens me because it was released after her and Liam announced their divorce, I still love it. I really like the meaning behind it and how she wants to let her partying past go and move on. With this song, she also wants to have listeners realize that she’s grown up and is a different person than she was. Basically, she’s shedding her old self and becoming a new person.

Graveyard by Halsey

I have a hot and cold relationship with Halsey. Some of her music is really good, but I don’t like her as a person most of the time. However, I do really like this song from the recent stuff she has released. 

Memories by Maroon 5

Most of the songs I know from Maroon 5 are the ones on the radio that quickly become overplayed. However, I didn’t hear this one on the radio, so I like it. The video is interesting. I feel a little uncomfortable with Adam Levine being so close, but I’m not mad at it. 

Kill My Mind by Louis Tomlinson

I’m still waiting on Louis’ debut album, but I won’t complain as much if he keeps dropping singles. I’ve liked all of his music so far, but this one ranks up there with Miss You. The beat reminds me of a theme song for a Disney show. I’m looking forward to his first album, so I will keep patiently waiting, Tommo. 

I Forgot That You Existed by Taylor Swift

This is one of my favorite songs off of Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s got a fun little beat and I think it fits really well with the rest of the songs on the album. It’s lighthearted, but at the same time, the message behind it is a real feeling we experience when we forget about someone who caused toxicity, which is what makes it relatable. 

Teeth by 5 Seconds of Summer 

This song went up to my number one favorite song by 5 Seconds of Summer in all of my time as a fangirl of them. I really love the new sound that they established with their album Youngblood and I like where they’re going with it. It’s very fitting for them and it’s matured, just like they have as artists and as people. Also, have you seen how gorgeous Luke Hemmings is?!

Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi is literally my spirit animal. He is such a goofball as a person. His voice doesn’t match his singing voice at all, which is amazing. I absolutely love him and his songs are so beautiful. Thank you, Niall Horan, for introducing me to America’s Sweetheart. This song is his most popular and I really like his voice in it. It’s so strong, but so gentle at the same time. 

Forever by Lewis Capaldi

Another one of my favorite songs by America’s Sweetheart. I like how his voice flows with the beat of the music. It’s so smooth and pleasing to listen to. I haven’t listened to his full album, but if it’s like this one and Someone You Loved, I’m sure I will love it just as much. 


Of course, a lot more music has been released than this, but these are the ones that I’ve taken a liking to and have added to my playlist. I’ll probably make another one of these at some point, so stay tuned!


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