My Torrid Winter Look Book

Fashion has always been one of my passions. I love putting together cute outfits that you would think would go together or even just matching together outfits you wouldn’t have even thought of. The winter season is also one of my favorites. I’m not normally one to stay on top of the trends, but now that I work at Torrid, I’m constantly around them. I’ve been seeing some really cute trends come into play and I wanted to share some of my favorites.

Long Cardigans

This particular one is my favorite. I’ve seen and thought of so many different things that you could put it over. Not only that, but it’s soft and looks super comfortable. It can be worn if you want a more classy look or it can be worn for more of a casual look. Not only that, but it’s light enough that you can wear it during the spring as well!


Red & Black Flannels

There are a few different styles of this particular style of shirt. I, however, love them all. Black and red are one of my favorite color combinations and seeing that it’s one of the color combinations that’s in trend this season makes me extremely happy. Flannels are just comfortable and can be worn for any occasion. I actually own more than I probably should.


Black & Red Flannel Patterned Pants

Keeping on track with the previous trend, I also really love the flannel patterned leggings and pants. They are so cute and there are so many different things that you can do with them - more than you can probably think of. Like the long cardigans, they can be worn as a casual dressy look or a fancy and elegant look. Not to mention, put these with a pair of black boots and it’s beautiful. If I could, I would wear mine everyday.


Knit Berets

An accessory that intrigues me is the knit berets. I haven’t actually seen anyone try it on with anything, but I think that this particular one is adorable and would look really cute with certain outfits. I don’t personally have one, but if I did, I’d probably figure out outfits to wear with it all the time!


Rose Gold Jewelry

The rose gold jewelry trend has been circulating around for a while, but my love for it is still as shiny as it was when I first saw it. I’m not normally a fan of gold jewelry, but I absolutely love the rose gold stuff. It’s elegant and has a pretty pink twinge to it. Honestly, ever since seeing life through rose gold lenses - literally - I have been in love with the color.


Ripped Leggings w/ Inset Fishnet Inset

These leggings are some of the cutest ones I’ve seen. Torrid has several different styles of leggings with openings in, all of which are cute, but these were the ones that caught my eye. They give off that rebel vibe, but can be worn by someone that’s but a soft flower like myself. Though, I might add that they aren’t the warmest pants to wear when it’s a windy winter day.


Wine Faux Suede Knee Boots

This is one of those colors that I wouldn’t think would go with anything. However, I’m absolutely wrong. I personally wouldn’t buy these for myself because I don’t have enough of the correct colors to wear them with, but I’ve seen and have helped several people buy them and make outfits with them. Everything that I’ve seen them with has been adorable and tied together really well. These boots are what I would say is an underdog of sorts.


Plaid Sweater Dress

This dress sold out of my store like hot cakes. In fact, there was only one left according to my last shift. I love the pattern of it and I think it would look even cuter if it got blinged out with some fun silver jewelry. Some of the women that I helped with this dress were going to wear it as their holiday dress, which it would work wonderfully for! It’s snug on the body, but it fits the curves just correctly. In fact, one of the ladies that tried this on told me that they felt sexy and confident in it. We love that.


Bow Pendant Necklace

This is one of my favorite accessories that I’ve seen. They also have it in silver, which is the one that I have. While they offer a festive vibe, they also can be worn just as a casual necklace as well. I love pairing mine with black tops just to dress them up a slight bit.


Denim & Knit Jean Jacket

I’m so glad that this jacket has stayed in season for three years. I got mine when it first came out and it is so cute. It’s comfortable and with the knit arms, it isn’t as confining as a jean jacket is. It gives a more comfortable and casual look than a jean jacket would too. I absolutely love it!