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Summer is finally here and so is a new playlist! So much music, but I’ll make it short and sweet. 

breathin’ by Ariana Grande

I know that I’m a little late on this trend, but this song has been on replay for the past week. It’s yet another work of art that Miss Ariana Grande has made. 

Chlorine by Twenty One Pilots

While this song is straight up about drinking chlorine, it’s still a catchy tune. It’s fun to sing to and the beat of it is very TOP-esque. It’s my favorite from their most recent album.

iRobot by Jon Bellion

I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely love this song. I think I’m the only one that thinks this, but it brings vibes of some of JLS’ songs, which are some nice tunes as well. 

Dark Lady by Cher

The queen herself – Cher. I’ve listened to Cher ever since I was a wee thing, thanks to my mother. This is my second favorite song of hers because I’m able to create a narrative in my head while listening to it. 

Fire by Barns Courtney

I love this man’s voice and this is yet another song of his that I can jam to in my car. 

Boys Will Be Bugs by Cavetown

This song has circulated around the good ol’ Tik Tok, which is where I discovered it. It’s kind of a fun little song and it’s fun to sing to. 

I like cats, the Green Bay Packers, and One Direction. That's about it.
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