My First Year College Experience

After May 10, 2017, I can officially say that I have completed my first year of college. I can honestly say it was an eye-opening experience. Coming home from school now, I’m just excited to see how everyone else has matured.

I miss all my friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Now I get to see what they are up to again. I get to be home with people I grew up around; people that make me feel like myself.

But who am I? Am I the same man who moved into my dorm in August fresh out of high school, with dreams of a new, exciting college experience? What effect has being 200 miles away from home and in a whole new state had on me?

I joined the Rugby team here with my longtime friend Roy, and we met a lot of new people. Being around the guys really helped me stay focused and grounded. I knew I could rely on them to look out for me and I could rely on the sport to relieve my stresses.

The last week of school was exciting, but at the same time very nerve wrecking because I was involved in so many activities and things started to catch up to me. I realized that your freshman year of college is a learning experience and you should accept that, and come back next year prepared for the next challenge. 

last two photos are author's own