Most Popular Majors Women Choose at Stout

As the semester comes to a close and students start their transition of graduating with their bachelor’s degrees or continuing education, the university begins to take their graduate head counts. Statistics of graduate students are compiled by the school and published at the end of January. This document of statistics and numbers includes how many students graduated from what majors, how many graduates had jobs lined up right after they graduated, and the salary range for the majors. Using the 2012-2013 Summary of Undergraduate Degrees for UW-Stout, students can even see the number of graduates that were males and females. For the whole country, the most popular majors women choose are business (rank 1), health and clinical science (rank 2), social science and history (rank 3), education (rank 4), and psychology (rank 5). Below were the highest numbered majors that women from Stout graduated within, including what some of those majors detail, and some clubs or organizations that students can join on campus.

1. Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management

  • Out of 114 graduating students, 75 were women
  • This multibillion dollar industry is made up of students that are learning from one of the world’s best hotel, restaurant, and tourism programs that is offered at UW-Stout. This career field is for high energy leaders who are interested in hospitality and travel. Some leadership positions the HRTM program offer to teach are club management, financial management, health care, hotel management, casino management, event planning, property management, restaurant management, and tourism management.
  • Clubs on Campus include Club Managers of America Association (CMAA), Property Management Association (PMA), Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association (HSMAI), Restaurant and Tavern Management Association (RTMA), Stout Special Events Society (SSES), and Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association (WH&LA).

2. Retail Merchandising and Management

  • Out of 70 graduating students, 67 were women
  • Retail Merchandising and Management here at UW-Stout prepares you for an exciting career in retail. Whether it be store operations, or corporate level retail the program allows you to pursue concentrations. These concentrations or focuses include: Buying and Product Management, Fashion Marketing, HR Management or Store Operations Management. This program is experience driven which allows you to gain the knowledge you need for the Retail Industry. The most common minor pursued is the Business Administration Minor but you can also pursue a minor in art or journalism.
  • There are a few organizations on campus for Retail students like Stout Retail Association, and FAB Magazine.

3. Business Administration

  • Out of 167 graduating students, 66 were women
  • The Business Administration program teaches its students to have strong interpersonal skills, the ability to solve problems, a high energy level, and good judgment. The Business Administration program at UW-Stout is designed to help students develop the qualities that will make them an asset to any company.

4. Human Development and Family Studies

  • Out of 63 graduating students, 61 were women
  •  Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) is a multidisciplinary field of study, with study areas including; psychology, sociology, history, anthropology, religion, and many more! It also focuses on the study of not only an individual but families as well. HDFS has a large variety of areas to study and there are some jobs that will need a master's degree to obtain, like a social worker!
  • Can join Stout Council on Family Relations here on campus.

5. Management

  • Out of 119 graduating students, 46 were women

6. Interior Design 

  • Out of 43 graduating students, 42 were women
  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment that affects the public's health, life safety and welfare.
  • Clubs that you can join on campus are American Society of Interior Designers and International Interior Design Association.

7. Graphic Design and Interactive Media

  • Out of 54 graduating students, 41 were women
  • The Graphic Design and Interactive Media major at Stout provides excellent opportunities for students to explore what they can do, not only with pen and paper but also with tablet and mouse. The combination of technology and art opens up many possibilities for employment. The professors who lead the program are very involved with their students and passionate about what they teach.
  • American Institute of Graphic Arts is the Graphic Design organization associated with this major.

8. Early Childhood Education

  • Out of 39 graduating students, 38 were women
  • As an Early Childhood Education major at UW-Stout, you'll become certified to teach birth through third grade in Wisconsin, be part of a caring community of learners., experience 250 hours of hands-on work with children before you even start student teaching, observe child behaviors and teaching techniques through access to five early childhood classrooms on campus, take part in clinical placements in UW-Stout’s Child and Family Study Center, have the option to add on Early Childhood Special Education certification with only five more classes and a fourth student teaching placement, enjoy the benefits of small class sizes work with professors and advisers who care, network with your future colleagues by joining student organizations related to the teaching field, and have the option to add on certification for grades 4-6 with only five more classes after completing student teaching.

9. Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Out of 57 graduating students, 38 were women
  • SVRI serves as a leader to advance innovative programs and practice in disability and employment through partnerships in research, training, education, and services. SVRI will be the premiere resource for state-of-the-art knowledge, innovation, and services to positively impact people's health, employment, and economic stability.

10. Psychology

  • Out of 45 graduating students, 33 were women
  • UW-Stout's psychology program is heavily research-based. Opportunities for extracurricular research are abundant, and most professors are glad to help. This major allows one to prepare for graduate school or enter a career in human services.
  • An organization you can join on campus is Psi Chi (Psychology Club)