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Mochas Around Menomonie

These frigid temps lately have made us crave a warm coffee beverage more than ever. So we took a tour around good ole Menom' in search of the best Chocolate Mochas for our readers. 

Stop 1-- Mickey D's. 



Price: $2.87 for a small Mocha

Ranking: 1.9/5 

Review: Like any McDonald's item... you get what you pay for.  It's no surprise that the over-processed chocolately flavor didn't exactly fill our warm liquid desires (Sorry--50 Shades of Grey on the brain). This is definitely a desperate times drink. 

Stop 2--Golden Leaf Cafe

Price: $4. 37

Ranking: 3.4/5

Review: When purchasing our mocha beverage, we were given the choice of either Skim, Whole, Soy, or Almond milk. Both feeling adventurous today, we naturally chose Almond milk. Although the bar wasn't set too high from McDonalds, the striking difference in taste and smells between beverages was surprising. The Golden Leaf had a homey aroma, that enticed us even before our first sip. If we were to order a mocha from this cafe again, we would probably play it safe and leave our adventurous sides behind; skipping out on the almond milk.

Stop 3-- Acoustic Cafe

Price: $3.65

Ranking: 2.9/5 

Review: Acoustic definitely gets points for coolness-- but we'll stick to ordering the fresh soups and delicious pitas. Although we like how the mocha wasn't super over powering at first, the after-taste was a little puzzling. Not good, not bad, but not our favorite. 

Stop 4-- Marion's Legacy Chocolates


Price: $4.17

Ranking: 4/5

Review: We would first like to thank our lovely barista and conversationalist, Jordan. She acknowledged that we were sharing the mocha and offered to split it into separate cups. There were a plethora of options to customize your mocha order. We had the options of Skim, Whole, Soy, and Almond milk, as well as Milk, Dark, and White chocolate. The other cafes might have these options, but they weren't presented to us the way Jordan did. The smiling faces, and rich chocolate beverage landed Marion's in second place. We left with a new friend, a delicious beverage, and new coffee secrets. 

Stop 5-- The Raw Deal


Price: $3.96 and worth every penny!! 

Ranking: 5/5

Review: By stop number five, you would think we would be sick of mochas, but luckily the Raw Deal's scruffy bearded barista made us the best drink of the day. Not too sweet, not too chocolately and the perfect cold day beverage. We left with a warm tummy and even warmer heart. 

All-in-all, we learned that we actally don't like mochas, but we did have fun exploring Menomonie and getting the strongest caffeine buzz of our lives. 


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